Ib Business and Management Sylabus

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Syllabus details

HL and SL core
Topic 1: Business organization and environment
Content HL/SL core 1.1 HL extension Learning outcomes HL/SL core HL additional

Nature of business activity Identify inputs, outputs and processes of a business. Describe how business activity combines human, physical and financial resources to create goods and services. Explain the role of the different business departments in overall business activity.

What is a business?

Business functions · Production/operations · Marketing · Finance · Human resources/personnel

Primary, secondary and tertiary sectors

Explain the nature of Analyse the impact on business activity in each business activity of sector. changes in economic structure.


Types of organization Distinguish between organizations in the private and public sectors. Analyse the relationship between organizations in the private and public sectors.

Private sector and public sector


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Syllabus details

Content HL/SL core Starting a business · Reasons for setting up a business · Identifying a market opportunity · Possible problems faced by start-ups HL extension

Learning outcomes HL/SL core Explain the reasons for setting up a business. Explain the process a business will have to go through to start up. Analyse the problems that business start-ups may face. Distinguish between different types of business organization and identify their main features. Analyse the extent to which ownership and control differ in organizations. Evaluate the most appropriate form of ownership for a firm. Analyse the impact of the division between ownership and control on internal and external stakeholders. HL additional

Profit-based organizations · Sole traders · Partnerships · Companies/ corporations

Non-profit and non-governmental organizations (NGOs), including charities and pressure groups

Compare and contrast the objectives of NGOs and non-profit organizations and other organizations. Analyse the impact of the actions of NGOs and other non-profit organizations. Public–private enterprise Explain the nature of public–private partnerships. Analyse the costs and benefits of cooperation between the public and private sector.

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Syllabus details

Content HL/SL core 1.3 HL extension

Learning outcomes HL/SL core HL additional

Organizational objectives Explain the importance of objectives in managing an organization. Evaluate the need for firms to change objectives in response to changes in the internal and external environment.

The importance of objectives

Statements · Mission statements · Vision statements

Explain the purpose of mission and vision statements. Analyse the role of mission and vision statements in an organization.

Aims and objectives · Aims · Strategic objectives · Tactical/operational objectives Ethical objectives

Distinguish between objectives, strategies and tactics, and discuss how these interrelate.

Examine the reasons why organizations consider setting ethical objectives. Analyse the advantages and disadvantages of ethical objectives. Discuss the impact of implementing ethical objectives.

Corporate social responsibility · Differing views of social responsibility · Policies to implement objectives of social responsibility (such as environmental auditing)

Explain the different views that firms may take of their social responsibility in an international context. Analyse the value of social and environmental audits to different stakeholders.


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Syllabus details

Content HL/SL core HL extension Changes in corporate social responsibility over time Changes in society’s expectations of the behaviour of firms

Learning outcomes HL/SL core HL additional Discuss why a firm’s view of its social responsibilities may change over time. Discuss why...
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