Ib Bioligy - Internal Assesment Guide

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Writing Group 4 Internal Assessment:

A guide for Scotch College Biology students


Practical Work

There are really two aspects to the practical work in Biology, general practical work and experimental work submitted for Internal Assessment.

General practical work includes small experiments, demonstrations and class activities that will be set for you to complete. You may be required to submit some of these for assessment but these are for SJII purposes only and will not form part of your final Biology grade for the IB.

Internal Assessment is formal assessment that you are required to complete on your own and will be marked by your teacher. The grades are submitted to the IB and the work will form approx 24% of you final IB Biology mark. These pieces of work are very important and you will have many opportunities to obtained good results.

Internal Assessment

Work submitted for IA must be submitted under the following criteria headings:


Data Collection and Processing

Conclusion and Evaluation

Each criteria has a specific set of aspects which must be met in order to obtain full marks. These aspects are used by your teacher when marking the piece of work. Not all criteria are assessed in every activity; you will be told which are going to be assessed before each task begins.


Your design section should be broken down into subheadings.


The introduction should be about one quarter to half a page long.

It should:

- Be clear and to the point

- Introduce to the reader your topic

- Explain to the reader the what variables may be involved

- Briefly explain to the reader how you plan to collect your data. What method or technique.

- Where errors might occur in your method. What might you have to be careful of?

- Explain why you finally decided on the variable you choose to investigate

Think of your introduction like an upside down triangle. It starts broad but you narrow down your thoughts to finally presenting your research question.

Research question

Here you need to state specifically the question you are researching. Basically it should be in the form:

“How does your independent variable affect your dependent variable?”


Your hypothesis must be a definite prediction about how you believe changing the independent variable will affect the dependent variable. It must be in the form of a statement such as:

“I believe an increase/decrease in the independent variable will cause an increase/decrease in the dependent variable”

You must now give a brief explanation which explains to the reader the logic behind your hypothesis.

Don’t worry your hypothesis does not need to be proven correct!


Here you list the variables involved in your investigation in the following manner

|Independent variable |Dependent variable |Controlled variable | |This variable is the one you are investigating.|This variable is the one you are choosing to |All other variables should be in the controlled| |There should only be one independent variable. |measure. |category |

Control of variables

All variables listed in the controlled column above should now appear in another table which explains how they will be controlled.

|Controlled variable |How it is controlled | | | |


Here you provide a detailed list of the apparatus you used.

• Sizes of equipment must be given (eg 500mL of 200mL...
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