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  • Published : December 10, 2012
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Organizational behavior- it is a field of study, which concerns all aspects of human action in an organizational or group setting. It includes the effects of organizations of human beings as well the effects of human beings on organizations. It is also the study and application of knowledge about human behavior and related fields such as structure, task and technology Importance of organizational behavior.

Controlling and Directing Behavior: After understanding the mechanism of human behavior, managers are required to control and direct the behavior so that it conforms to the standards required for achieving the organizational objectives. Thus, managers are required to control and direct the behavior at all levels of individual interaction. Therefore, organizational behavior helps managers in controlling and directing in different areas such as use of power and sanction, leadership, communication and building organizational climate favorable for better interaction. •Use of Power and Sanction: The behaviors can be controlled and directed by the use of power and sanction, which are formally defined by the organization. Power is referred to as the capacity of an individual to take certain action and may be utilized in many ways. Organizational behavior explains how various means of power and sanction can be utilized so that both organizational and individual objectives are achieved simultaneously. •Leadership: Organizational behavior brings new insights and understanding to the practice and theory of leadership. It identifies various leadership styles available to a manager and analyses which style is more appropriate in a given situation. Thus, managers can adopt styles keeping in view the various dimensions of organizations, individuals and situations. •Communication: Communication helps people to come in contact with each other. To achieve organizational objectives, the communication must be effective....
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