Hurricane Katrina

Topics: Plate tectonics, Volcano, Convergent boundary Pages: 3 (636 words) Published: November 10, 2011
Plate tectonics


The word tectonic represents the meaning of plates and boundaries.
As an example of activity is an earthquake, which is caused by two plates like the Eurasian and pacific plate pushing towards each other, pushing the land upwards causing a mountain as well as an earthquake.

The plates are pieces of land that make up the outer crust, these could move together, move apart or move alongside each other resulting in mountains, volcanoes and earthquakes, this happens deep below the surface and as the earth is spinning and moving, the boundaries move also over millions of years.


There are four different types of plate boundaries; constructive, collision, destructive and conservative, earthquakes only happen close to all four of the boundaries, yet thy aren’t all the same, more earthquakes are more violent than others. Volcanic eruptions only happen at two of the boundaries, being more violent at one and gentle at another.

A destructive margin is when the oceanic crust moves towards the continental crust, as the oceanic crust is heavier it is forced downwards then the pressure increases triggering an extremely violent earthquake.

A collision margin occurs when two plates from the continental crust cannot sink or be destroyed, as such are pushed upwards causing a mountain but can also cause severe earthquakes during the process.

A constructive margin is where two plates move away from each other like the North American plate from the Eurasian plate causing the molten lava to erupt from the ground called a volcanic eruption can be extremely dangerous.

A conservative margin is when two plates try to slide pat each other slowly in the case of the north American and pacific plates, when the two plates, as often as they do on the notorious san andreas fault in California, pressure builds up when released it creates a severe earthquake.

The difference between destructive and constructive margins is that...
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