Humn 432 Midterm Study Guide

Topics: President of the United States, World War II, World War I Pages: 5 (916 words) Published: September 5, 2012
Study Guide 2 – HUMN 432


1. What was the overall thesis of Jonas?
* we need to rethink ethical theory
2. Why do we need to rethink ethics?
* because technology is changing our views therefore ET needs to accommodate this change 3. Define the terms “utilitarianism” and deontological” from the Barbour article.
* utilitarianism – greatest good for greatest number of people
* deontological – duty based ethics (actions are right or wrong not consequences) 4. What are the three possible sources of rights? (SA)
* human given (government, state, etc.)
* god given (piousness)
* natural (nature based) – right to live, right to have opinions 5. What does Barbour mean by “negative” and “positive” freedom?
* negative – absence of external constraints (no order to things)
* positive – freedom to choose
6. What were some of the facets of the Cold War world? What are the components of globalization?
* Friends vs. Enemies; stable well-known anxieties
* Everybody vs. Everybody; competition; constantly changing anxieties 7. What are some of the reasons why some people oppose globalization (according to Bhagwati)? (SA) Briefly discuss their reasons for opposition.

* Anti-Capitalism – cannot address social justice and social distress
* Anti-Globalization – anti-corporate attitudes
* The Right – xenophobia begets isolationism
* Communitarianism and Limits to Markets - ?
* Anti-Americanism – those against the U.S. hegemony
8. What are the four benefits of the central heating (and much of technology)?
* It’s easier (don’t have to chop wood)
* It’s Instantaneous
* It’s ubiquitous (omnipresent)
* It’s safer
9. What does Strong mean by the “separation pattern of technology”?
* ?
10. According to Friedman, what are some of the differences between globalization and the Cold War?
* Competitors instead of Enemies
* Weapons vs. Information and Method
11. According to the UN, what were some of the effects (so far) of globalization?
* Advances in Communications and information technology
* Liberalization of Trade and Financial Flows
* Growth of Corporations
12. What is the impact of globalization on population growth? (according to Kates)
* Contraceptives more accessible
* Work/education for women
* Postponement of marriage


1. In what two ways did the technology of television impact the Civil Rights movement? (SA)
* Allowed people to see black leaders for the first time
* Allowed blacks to see the firehoses
2. Interpret the “Princeton Review” study while thinking about the “dumbing down of the presidency. Can technology be blamed? Why or why not?
* The education level of debates has declined over the years
* Technology (Television) is to blame because dumb (more) people are watching the debates 3. What are halfway technologies?
* Technologies that “fix” a symptom but not the underlying problem (fake heart, kidney dialysis) 4. What were three points we examined about religion before 1600?
* Faith – everyone’s actions were faith oriented
* Divinely ordered – told to by god
* God’s Will – god would want this done
5. What was the Malleus Maleficarum?
* Book “Witch’s Hammer” was the handbook widely read that led to mass killings of “witches” 7. What were the three changes we mentioned that came with the printing revolution and the subsequent expansion of knowledge?

* Bacon (scientific method), Locke (empiricism-experience), and Descartes (skepticism)
* Rationalism (reason is a source of knowledge)
* The will of “Man”(Descartes)
8. List and explain the three theories of television violence mentioned in class. (SA)
* Social-Learning Theory – (Bobo study – monkey see monkey do)
* Catharsis Theory – Seeing violence purges the want to enact that violence
* Cultivation Theory – Depends on the sociological make-up of the individual 9. What three presidents best understood the technology of television? Name a president who didn’t...
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