Human Sexuality

Topics: Human sexuality, Sexual arousal, Sexual intercourse Pages: 24 (7698 words) Published: April 29, 2013
Vulva: scientific term used to describe the entire external genital area of women Mons (mons veneris):
oStructure: pad of fatty tissue covered by skin and pubic hair; has many nerve endings oLocation: front most component of the vulva
oFunction: may serve as a cushion for the woman’s public area during sex oPubic Hair: helps vaporize odors that arise in specialized sweat glands; also a visual trigger for sexual arousal because it is the most easily visible portion of the vulva Labia majora (major lips): outer lips

oStructure: padded with fatty tissue and are hairy nearest the thighs oLocation: two folds of skin that extend down from the mons on either side of the vulva oFunction: It is erotically sensitive, esp. near the inner, hairless sides of the labia Labia minora (minor lips): inner lips

oStructure: two thin folds of hairless skin; amply supplied with glands, blood vessels, and nerve endings oLocation: lies between the labia majora
oFunction: very erotically sensitive (more than labia majora); it swells and darken, due to the pooling of blood within them (vasocongestion) Clitoral hood (prepuce):
oStructure: loose fold of skin
oLocation: where the labia minora meets
oFunction: covers the clitoris to protect the clitoris glands Clitoris:
oStructure: spongy tissue internal and external portions
oLocation: where the labia minora meet under the clitoral hood oFunction: erectile; two cavernous bodies and a spongy body (just like the penis); highly sensitive: continual, proper stimulation will produce orgasm in most woman oGlans: pearl sized knob and external visible portion; consists of a corpus spongiosum oShaft: 1 inch length, runs upward from glans under the clitoral hood; consists of two corpora cavernosa oBoth the shaft and glans are erectile (can get bigger and firmer during arousal); during sexual arousal the clitoris swells; shaft is firmer and glans are soft Vaginal opening (introitus):

oStructure: covered by the hymen
oLocation: rear portion of the vestibule
oFunction: entrance to the vagina
oStructure: incomplete/perforated membrane fold of skin
oLocation: covers vaginal opening
oFunction: no known function; may have cultural significance Perineum:
oStructure: hairless
oLocation: region of skin between the anus and scrotum or vulva oFunction: erotically sensitive
oCut during an episiotomy (more details in chapter 8)
Pelvic floor muscles: ex. pubococcygeus (PC) muscle
oStructure/location: underline/support pelvic organs
oFunction: they contract more strongly during orgasm, increase pleasure, prevent urinary and fecal leakage, and keep semen in the vagina
oStructure: muscular tube; vaginal wall consist of 3 layers: mucosa, intermediate muscular, and fimbro-elastic oLocation: outermost portion of the reproductive tract extending 3-4 inches from the vestibule to the uterine cervix oFunction: transport sperm, serves as “birth canal” and physiological changes during arousal include: vasocongestion and lubrication Grafenberg spot: aka G-spot

oStructure: may be remnant of the prostate gland
oLocation: front wall of the vagina, about 1 to 2 inches from the vaginal entrance oFunction: area of heightened sensitivity
oMay trigger the desire to urinate or cause an arousal different from stimulation of the clitoris Cervix:
oStructure: separates the uterus from the vagina
oLocation: back of vagina-bottom/small end of the uterus
oFunction: holds the fetus in the uterus until delivery
oos (constricted opening): connects the vagina to a short canal that runs through the cervix Uterus: aka the womb
oStructure: a small hollow upside-down pear shaped organ; 3 layers: endometrium, myometrium, perimetrium oLocation: lies within the pelvic cavity
oFunction: carries the developing fetus until term
Endometrium (the inner layer):
oStructure: inner lining
oLocation: in uterus
oFunction: must switch...
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