Human Resource Management

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Higher Cert in Business, Higher Cert in Business in Equine Studies, Higher Cert in Office Management, Bachelor of Business and Law Year2 Managing Performance
Review Questions 2012/2013

Employee Motivation

1.(a) Outline 2 different methods of job evaluation with which you are familiar. Include in your answer a brief explanation of whether the method outlined would be acceptable as a method of determining comparable worth in an equal value case. (12 marks)

Non-analytical Scheme – non-analytical evaluation schemes is that whole jobs are compared with each other without any attempt to break down and analyse jobs under their various demands and components. These types of job evaluation schemes are particualry prone to sex discrimination because where whole jobs are being compared, judgments made by the evaluators can have little odjective basis oher than the traditional value of the job. Cant be used to defend case in equal value. Paired Comparistion – this is a method of evealuation in which each employee is campared with each other employee and job. Employee comparison are performad usually on the basis of overall performance, wherea job evaluations are usually on the basis of skill, knowledge and the time required in their performance. Score derived from paired comparison are often compared with with the standard davation and mean of all scores to arrive at standard scores for future comparision. Points awarded of job ranking are then totalled and a rank order produced. This method of job evaluation has all the advanages of job ranking and is slightly more systematic. It does not involve any analysis or indicate the difference between them. Paired comparison is not acceptable as method of determinng comparable worth in equal value cases.

Analytical Scheme – analytical evaluation schemes are sschemes where job s are broken down into components known as factors, and scores for each component of the job are awarded with final total giving an overall rank order. They can be used to defend case in equal value

Points Rating – this is the most common used method. The key elements of each job, which are known as factors are identifed by an organization and then broken down into componets. Each factor is assessed separately and points are allocated according to the level needed for the job. The more demanding job, the higher the points value. It provides a rationale why jobs are ranked differently. It will be seen generally as less subjective than non-analytical methods. It may be used as defence to an equal value claim.

(b) “Job Evaluation, once a highly regarded management tool, has come under fire in recent times.” (Fowler) Comment on this statement.

An effective job evaluation serves a purpose for the employee and for the organization as well. There are several advantages that a job evaluation brings to an organization that can help the organization to grow efficiently. Understanding the benefits of a job review to the company can help managers better prepare for, and execute, their employee evaluations. * The company can use job evaluation to determine id the corporate salary structure is set up properly. Evaluation can help to identify the high-achieving employees and help incrive companys productivity. By using the results of job evealuation, organizationn can determine where pay increases are necessary and where it may be also necessary to adjust pay downward based on employee performance. * It is important to have good evaluation scheme, because without it organization wont be ale to defend cases for equal pay. * An job evaluation needs to be an interactive process between the manager and theemployee. By evaluating employee perofmance, managers can identify areas where each employee needs improvement. * Job evaluation exercise at point of time are good, but jobs are chnging. The evaluation system results can be out of date. Is good to do it more often but this...
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