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  • Published : April 14, 2013
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DATE: 25 APRIL 2013
Question 1
a) Define Human Resource Management & discuss the difference between Personnel Management and HRM.(10 marks) b) Explain in detail the process of recruitment & selection of the employees.(10 marks) c) Explain the importance of training & development & further describe the need for evaluation of training programmes.( 5 marks) d) What do you understand by Performance Appraisal management system? Elaborate any three methods of Performance Appraisal.( 5 marks) e) Compensation Management plays a vital role in various aspects of HRM”. Discuss. ( 5 marks)

f) Elaborate various methods of employee separation.( 5 marks g) Write short notes (any two):(20 marks)
a)         Succession Planning.
b)          Quality Circles.
c)          Rating Errors.
d)         Job Description.
h) Discuss what is Human Resource Management and explain the difference between Personnel Management and HRM. (10 marks) i) Discuss the importance of Manpower planning and elaborate its objectives. (5 marks) j) Explain the need of training and further discuss why the training programmes are evaluated.       ( 5 marks)

Question B
a) Discuss the ethics and concept of Performance Management and explain MBO method of performance appraisal.       ( 10 marks) b) Explain the different methods of separating employees from the organization(10 marks) c) Discuss what is collective bargaining and explain its importance in industrial relations. (10 marks)

d) Write short notes on any two:(20 marks)
a) Job enlargement and job enrichment.
b) Succession planning.
c) Time Management.
d) TQM.
e) Write short note on any two:                                                    (20 marks)     a) Grievance procedure.
b) Succession planning.
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