Human Biology Study Questions

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Human Biology – Nervous System

p 79 Review Questions: 2-8
AYK: 2-5

2. The three structures that protect the Central Nervous System are Bone, Meninges and Cerebral Spinal Fluid.

3. Cerebrospinal fluid comes from the blood and circulates throughout the CNS before returning to the blood capillaries. CFS is a clear, watery fluid containing a few cells and some glucose, protein, urea and salts. Occupies the space between the middle and inner layer of the meninges. It also circulates through cavities in both the brain and a canal in the center of the spinal chord. It has three functions: - Protection: CSF acts as a shock absorber, cushioning any blows or shocks the CNS may sustain. Support: CSF supports the brain. Brain is suspended in the cranium and floats in the fluid that surrounds it. Transport: During its circulation, it takes nutrients to the cells of the brain and the spinal chord and caries away their wastes.

4. A Cerebral Cortex is the grey matter outside the cerebrum. The cerebral cortex is folded so that it is able to contain more information. The sulci and gyri are responsible for the cortex containing 70% of all neurons in the CNS. A fissure is deeper than a sulcus.

5. Cerebral Cortex does: Thinking, reasoning, learning, senses, voluntary muscle contraction, problem solving and memory, intelligence, sense of responsibility, perception. Three types of area in the cerebral cortex and functions:

Sensory: Interpret impulses from receptors
Motor: Control muscular movements
Association: Concerned with intellectual and emotional processes

6. Location of the cerebellum: Under the rear part of the cerebrum. Located right at the back of the brain. Has to receive sensory messages from the inner ear. The cerebellum exercises control over posture, balance and the fine coordination of voluntary muscle movement. All functions of the cerebellum take place below the conscious level.

7. Location of the...
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