Topics: Memory, Learning, Homework Pages: 3 (992 words) Published: February 27, 2013
Joel H. Jan
Professor Brenda Borron
26 February 2013
Response to: “An Indian Father’s Plea”
When one does not have a lot of confidence when it comes to a certain task, the person does not feel as if they could continue to improve nor do they feel that they have a chance of ever improving. The letter, “An Indian Father’s Plea”, written by Medicine Grizzlybear Lake is a letter that the father of Wind-Wolf wrote to Wind-Wolf’s teacher. The author wrote this letter informing the teacher of the unfairness that his son was experience in school, not only from the students but mainly from the teacher. Grizzleybear wrote that, “It takes a long time to absorb and reflect on these kinds of experiences, so maybe that is why you think my Indian child is a slow learner”. This means that only because Wind-Wolf was brought up differently compared to the rest of his classmates and that he learned differently than his class mates, does not make him a “slow-learner”. The letter that Grizzlybear wrote, reminds me the difficulties that I have when it comes to memorizing. Although I am talented when it comes to music, it is only because I tend to practice many hours a day. In contrast though, I am weak when it comes to memorizing because, I do not practice nor do I find the motivation in my classes. I must use my strength when it comes to practicing a lot and put it into memorizing.

One of my greatest strength is my musical talent. My love for music has helped me greatly in the past; one of the instances was my solo for an opening of a concert. The rush of overwhelming joy from all the hard work and hours that I had put into practicing my solo had finally paid off. The rough and scratchy sounds of my solo, mixing with the rest of the band sounded like heaven. This solo re-ignited my love for playing guitar and really pushed me to continue what I loved to do most. My dedication of further improving my musical skill is why I am able to advise other to play guitar....
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