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The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
By Mark Twain
Chapter 1:
-This book is written in a first person point of view
-Huck is known from Tom's story, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer -Huck and Tom found 6000 dollars, which is a lot of money in this era -Miss Watson is very nice to have taken Huck in
-There is a lot of racism in the book because of the time period it takes place in -It seems like Tom Sawyer is Huck's role model

Chapter 2:
-Takes place in a time of slavery
-Jim keeps the same five cents on a string around his neck as the five cents Tom left for the candles -Tom shows that he is the leader type when he forms the club -All the kids say the oath is beautiful, even though it talks about murder -The club turns out to be just a childish game; for they do not do anything that they said they were going to do, like robbing and murdering -They are naive and do not know what they are talking about: they use "kill" and "ransom" interchangeably -It is ironic that they are talking about killing people, but will not do it on Sunday because it would be "wicked". Killing itself is wicked

Chapter 3:
-Characterization: Huck is pretty selfish
-Huck figured out that the clubs games of robbery were not as real as Tom said they would be -Tom lives in his own world that is made up of fairytales.
-"...One of Tom Sawyer's lies." This shows that Tom lies a lot

Chapter 4:
-Huck is very superstitious
-It's not just Huck that is superstitious. Everyone is superstitious -Both Huck and Pap are struggling with their consciences

Chapter 5:
-Characterization: Pap is violent with Huck
-Characterization: Pap is paranoid and threatened by Huck's ability to read and write, while he cannot -Pap only came back because he heard that Huck became rich and Pap wants the money -Characterization: Pap is an alcoholic

-When someone becomes "powerful thirsty" they want to get drunk

Chapter 6:
-Characterization: Huck is rebellious
-Recidivism: To repeat a crime.
-^Pap does this several times^
-Huck was not allowed to smoke before (with the widow)
-Irony: "Pap was careful", but he was usually drunk
-Characterization: Pap was insecure with how Huck was raised, so he takes over Huck's life -Huck was uneasy because the widow was unable to take Huck away from Pap -Huck did not like to be civilized with the widow

-Why did Mark Twain compare a drunk the Adam from the Garden of Eden? -Ironic: Pap did not raise Huck much
-Pap is racist and does not want to partake in the same activities as black people -Symbolism: Snakes like from the Garden of Eden
-Characterization: Nothing is really Pap's fault; he is just a little proud and bombastic -When drunk, Pap is violent
-Ironic: Pap is now calling himself the poor devil after saying that he is worth 6000 dollars and he deserves better than the government will give him -Huck is killing his father from the inside via education, wealth, and lifestyle with the widow -What will Huck do with the gun? Use it for protection, or aggression?

Chapter 7:
-Characterization: Huck is a fast thinker
-Huck talks with a motive to deceive
-Huck chooses his own happiness over Pap's happiness
-Pap is angel of death to some extent
-Huck was very smart
-Huck is faking a burglary and his own death
-Tom would have been proud
-Characterization: Tom is good with escapes and is also fast thinking -Huck is clever and steers the investigation in the wrong direction -Is Huck the angel of death, not Pap?
-Huck was on the boat all night

Chapter 8:
-"...They was firing cannons over the water, trying to make my carcass come to the top." Strange superstition -The bread floated to Huck. Does the superstition really work? -The widow is not on the boat

-Huck can fend for himself; he is street smart and handy just like Pap -Huck is very nervous
-No matter where Huck goes, there is always someone else there (can't find a place to be alone and hide out in) -Why was Miss Watson's Jim out in the leaves?
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