Hubris in Blade Runner and Frankenstein

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  • Published : June 26, 2012
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Ridley Scott’s View| Techniques, quotes examples| Contextual influences| -Ridley scott creates the tyrell corporation as a representation of Hubris as it or the biggest building with skyword pointing lights and the blue glimmer. This connotes t the idea that it is the most superior compared to all other aspects of the society. The building is also structured to be pyramid-like that creates an allusion at the powerful, ruing atmosphere. the building along with the background non-digetic movie music together creates a mise-en-scene. Using these elements the audience understands the importance and superiority at the Tyrell corporation.PRODIGAL SONIn the prodigal scene between batty and Tyrell, Scotty clearly alludes to biblical references. A tyrell is the creator of replicates’, Scott refers him to as ‘god of mechanics. The excessive pride and superiority characteristic shown within Tyrell demonstrates this. Ridley Scott also shows that Tyrell admires his creation until death. He calls Roy “Prodigal Son” as Tyrell is aware that Roy is his finest creation of all replicates. However as Roy kills Tyrell, Tyrell finally realises the implication and ability of his creation. This scene highlights the message, that the inventions of humanity designed in a hubric attempt to transcend the limitations of humanity have resulted in the destruction of humanity have resulted in the destruction of humanity. Ridley Scott shows his view through the theme: ‘science may be able to produce or reproduce anything it wants but it cannot manufacture a soul. | * Long shot opening of Tyrell’s building with lights that suggest that it is corporate headquarters and portrays it as superior * Aerial view of Tyrell’s office with anticipation, with the skyward pointing lights and blue glimmer of the building connotes that something hubric, affronting both God and Nature is occurring within * Ordering demands when Deckards was in his office, to show authority and excessive pride of...
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