Hrt 304 Exam 2

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Exam 2 study Guide CH 6
Front Office Communications? (guest comm. (trans. File/log book (rapid response software (info. Directory (reader (board (group bk file (mail/packaging file (telecom services Transaction File/Log Book used for?

Chronological journal ( list of usual events, guest complaints, request, & other request Shift recap( FD calls back to make sure they got what they want Unusual events(
Guest complaints/requests(

Information Directory contain? (Restaurant locations , transportations, businesses, shopping centers, banks, atms, churches, theatre, library, recreational areas, etc

Mail/ Package Handling understands why not as important any more in hotel environment. (security issues?

Change of Telecommunications Services ( everyone has their own phones, and VM, technologies increases

Understand the dynamics of Interdepartmental Communications
Housekeeping(must keep informed to ensure rm status efficient., HK must know all the rooms availability and guest request Engineering/maintenance( must check log book to see anything that needs repairing, must keep HK and FD notified if rm is unsalable Revenue centers( FD and staff should know since this is area is part of what makes the revnue Marketing/public relations(FO staff should be the first to know about events and such, FO responsibility to know and how to refer guest to event.

Know the steps in handling guest complaints.
2.Isolate the guest
3.Stay calm
4.Preserve guest’s self-esteem
5.Give undivided attention
6.Take notes
7.Tell guest what can be done
8.Set a timeline for action
9.Monitor progress/ follow up

Chapter 7 Security and the Lodging Industry
Know what the principal Elements of a Security Program are:
Doors, locks, key control, access control(doors locked from inside for connecting rooms, keycard coded Guestroom security(peephole, guest telephone
Control of persons on premises(indentify ppl who don’t belong in hotel, surveillance, motions detectors Perimeter and grounds control(surveillance, well lighted areas, gates staffed, fenced, train staff to watch for unauthorized ppl on grounds Protection of assets(safe boxes in rooms, or in separate rooms, robbery alarm in FD, drop safe w/witness Emergency procedures(doc. Procedures of injuries, robberies, destructions of assets, fires, emergencies Communications( “backbone” of any successful security program, mobile, radios, pagers, keys Security records(any activity is recorded for future reference, issuing of an e-key, injuries, etc everything. Staff security procedures(nvr say guest rm out loud, FO require identification from anyone that ask for key, r matt. Should not let anyone in rm,

Security Levels of Keys
Be able to identify some Common Security Procedures

Identity Thieft
Dumpster diving(thief rummages through hotel trash in search of receipts, folios, bills, records, or othr doc Skimming(thief steals a credit/debit card # by using illegal data capture devices while supposedly processing a legitimate transaction Change of address( FO staff should be wary of anyone contacting the desk/accounting dept in attempt to change or divert guest-billing statements/transactions w/o authorization

Management’s Security Challenges
Balancing security with image of hospitality
Tailoring employee security information to specific jobs
Diversity of industry vs. security standards

Security Staffing:
Contract Security Companies
Screened, tested, and trained personnel

Security Staffing: Off-Duty Police
Pros and Cons

Legal Concepts
Reasonable care(actions that are ordinary/unusual to protect against a foreseeable event, central legal issue being that innkeepers owe a duty of care to all persons on property Foreseeability( a foreseen incident in the future, attempt to prevent incidents based on past similar actions Proximate cause(primary/predominating cause from which an injury follows as a natural direct...
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