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The Company

Wyeth employs more than 43,000 people worldwide, each one committed to improving the health of people around the world. Diverse and talented people who work at Wyeth bring to the company a range of talent in research, marketing, sales and manufacturing.

Wyeth Pharmaceuticals’ vision is to lead the way to a healthier world as a result of their commitment to quality, integrity and excellence. Through recruitment, development and motivation of the best people, Wyeth Pharmaceuticals are continually growing and improving their business. They are acknowledged as a leader in innovation by linking pharmaceutical, biotechnology and vaccine technologies.

Training And Development

Training Top 125 No. 5: Wyeth Pharmaceuticals' Rx for Excellence

Wyeth Pharmaceuticals' learning and development team is a shot in the arm to the organization, keeping it up to date on needed skills, and growing future leaders.

For Wyeth Pharmaceuticals, learning and development means ensuring its systems and controls for delivering quality medications and health products are foolproof. "It's intended as a train-the-trainer so people can go back to their work sites and implement a business continuity program," says Associate Director, Business Continuity Program Roberta LaRocca. ." Wyeth’s learning management system - “Learning Excellence Centre” In addition, those trained to lead continuity efforts at their work site are taught how to write, implement, and sustain plans that would address the impact of the disaster. Many companies have disaster recovery training in place, but to successfully teach its work site leaders these skills, Wyeth took a slightly different approach. "Typically, vendors certify individuals to do business continuity planning," says LaRocca, "and we went through the training, but we thought we could do a better job internally in terms of the content and how it relates to Wyeth." The company also decided to tie the program it designed to Ursinus College, a locally based liberal arts college, which vetted the program, and now issues a certification to those who successfully complete it. During the two-and-a-half-day course, learners participate in a classroom experience that involves a theoretical lecture about disaster planning, along with presentations from Wyeth employees who have planned and implemented a continuity plan for their work site. In class, in addition to listening to the lecture and case studies, they complete an off-line simulation about implementing a continuity plan during a pandemic. This is followed by an assessment learners must pass before receiving their certification.

This internal push toward enhancing operational excellence in manufacturing includes training on changing mind-sets and behaviors. Plant leadership and supervisors will participate in this training which also includes quality manufacturing methods that are used to improve the performance of operations, as well as make performance indicators visible to employees. An example is the use of visual management boards "so they're able to make key performance indicators well known to their entire group, while continuously providing them with data and feedback."

On the sales side of Wyeth's business, the coming time will see an increase in the use of the virtual classroom in training, says Director, Distance Learning & Training Operations Mack Thompson. This will be accomplished through the use of WebEx Training Center software. Trainers who work with the sales divisions are undergoing training to use these virtual tools to teach new sales reps during the onboarding process and initial product and skills training. "We have a full-blown certification process," says Thompson, "so our trainers can take the skills they use in the physical classroom and move those to an online forum where they can engage our students to move through the material, even though our students will be scattered across...
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