Hrm/531 Week Two

Topics: Employment, Job interview, Recruitment Pages: 3 (934 words) Published: July 8, 2012
Team C Week 2 Discussion
Opal Hyatt, Richard Griffin, Reggie Reid, Sarah Schleeter, Todd Mengel HRM/531
July 02, 2012
Alesha Alstoft

Team C Week 2 Discussion
Collectively Team C is comfortable with the week objectives of job analysis and job descriptions. Job Analysis
A job analysis uses the process of collecting information on how to accomplish a specific profession. It explores the necessary skills to complete the job, personnel’s responsibilities, and the working environment. A job analysis takes into account of recruiting for the profession like advertising and developing employees. After composing this investigation, a job analysis is able to constructs job titles, job summaries, job duties, safety and hazard procedures, and the equipment necessary for an employee to be successful at their task. Job Description

A job description is the summary for a profession. It outlines the task, functions and responsibility of the position. A job description can state the qualification for a position, salary, skills need, goals, and education. Real World Application

These tools play a significant role in the professional realm of the entire team, without being a direct member of the Human Resources department we are all considerably affected. Opal Hyatt. Attempts are being made to resolve issues that could have been avoided with a detailed job description. A vague job description has allowed for duties to overlap causing error and personal conflict. Richard Griffin. For my own business I do have a job description for each employee.  It takes time to fully develop an employee with a job description most employees come in ready to contribute.  At first we did not provide a job description and we found out some employees would point out they did not know what to do next and this would cause valuable time and money.  So yes a job description is very important in both my line of employment.  Reggie Reid. The topic of using a job analysis to create a job...
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