Hrm 531 Week 2 Study Guide

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Week Two Student Guide

In Week Two, students acquire an understanding of job analysis. A job analysis is the planned and systematic gathering of information about the tasks of jobs and the knowledge and qualifications necessary to perform those jobs. This analysis provides a foundation for many other human resource management functions.

This week presents different ways to collect job analysis data. Students learn how job analysis data informs a job description and a job specification. The content helps students acquire information about these human resource management functions and acknowledge why these functions are critical to successful human resource management operations.

Functions of a Job Description

OBJECTIVE: Explain how a job analysis is used to create a job description.

OBJECTIVE: Explain the functions of a job description.

Resource: Ch. 5 of Managing Human Resources


Ch. 5: Planning For People

oHuman Resource Management in Action
Succession Planning – the process of identifying replacement candidates for key positions, assessing their current performance and readiness for the promotion, identifying career development needs, and integrating the career goals of individuals with company goals to ensure the availability of competent executive talent. To make intelligent decisions about HR strategy:

oTwo types of information are essential:
o (1) a description of the strategy that a firm will use to compete for business in the marketplace o(2) job design, including a description of the work to be done, the skills needed, and the training and experience required for various jobs

oBusiness Strategy: Foundations for All Organizational Decisions Strategy Formulation – it considers how the company will compete, the the external environment, customer trends, competitive positioning, and internal strengths and weaknesses. Strategy formulation may be quite formal and last over long periods, or it may be highly dynamic and adaptive. Strategy Analysis - defines the crucial (or pivotal) elements for the strategy’s success. Analyzing the overall strategy to reveal implications of these pivotal elements focuses attention on the execution of the broader business strategy. Strategy Implementation (Execution) - in which firms take the necessary actions to implement their strategies Strategic Management - how firms compete with each other and how they attain and sustain competitive advantage. (i.e. using differentiation, focused segment stratefy as competitive advantage) Vision vs. Mission Statement - A mission statement differs from a vision statement in that it includes both the purpose of the company as well as the basis of competition and competitive Advantage. Most important audience for mission statement is employees. Strategic objectives - Operationalize the mission statement. They may be financial or nonfinancial, but in both cases they need to provide guidance on how the organization can fulfill or move toward the higher-level goals: vision and mission SMART — that is, they are S pecific, M easurable, A ppropriate (consistent with the vision and mission), R ealistic (challenging but doable), and T imely. ohelp to channel the efforts of all employees toward common goals omotivate and inspire employees to higher levels of commitment and effort oprovide a yardstick to measure performance, and thus the distribution of rewards and incentives oShort term objectives are more specific

Business Strategy – the means that the firm uses to compete. It provides an overall direction and focus for the organization as a whole, as well as each functional area. oMake planning process more democratic to assess changes

oRelationship of HR Strategy to Business Strategy
HR Strategy – Parallels and facilitiates implementation of the strategic business plan, is much more specific to the selection, deployment, and management of talent. The set of priorities a firm uses to align its...
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