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Recording, Analysing And Using HR Information
Activity One

Two Reasons Why The Organisation Need To Collect Data

There are several reasons why organisations need to collect data such as; Legal Obligations, so that if there was ever a complaint put to a tribunal HR would have all the relevant date to back up their story and be able to provide evidence in the form of that data. Monitoring data is also a very important factor, as it allows HR to keep an eye on the running of the business and allows us to see any problem areas of which need addressing in relation with the data we collect will be able to use this to solve problems and give support where needed.

Data Types

Examples of data of which HR collects includes:
–Contact Information
– Insurance Numbers/Employee Numbers
– Disciplinary Recordings
– Sickness Details
– Learning & Development Details
– Training Records
– Sale Data
– Leaver Details

How Two Types of Data Support HR Practices

Supporting out HR practices such as by keeping all the data relating to all the leavers are kept on record as this allows us to spot problem areas for example, why are there a lot of people leaving from one particular department? Is there any issues that need resolving? This would also enable us to produce figures and see trends in our data of which we collect.

Sickness relating data is also just as important, as it allows us to support our HR practices by monitoring sickness, looking for trends that may come apparent and this will then It allow us to control sickness and find out why it keeps happening regularly. It allows us to question, who is sick, why they are sick, is it long term or short term and if there are trends or patterns when time is taken off for sickness.

Other ways data supports HR practices would include: finding skill gaps, overseeing appraisals and setting performance indicators.

Methods Of Storing Records

Paper based storage- All orginal records are kept...
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