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Future Career Aspirations Answers
Let’s understand with the help of an example:
Interviewer: “What are you long term career aspirations?” Interviewee1: “I look forward to leverage my expertise in ‘Software Development’ at an MNC that offers me challenging job roles and a wider arena to work and perform.” Clearly, the interviewee is pretty assertive of his needs. He wishes to secure a job in a large organization that provides him with a higher DESIGNATION, a better PAY PACKAGE and more exposure. Interviewee2: “I look forward to enhance my expertise in ‘Software Development’ and hone other relevant skills as well. My dream is to have hands-on experience in as many technical projects as I can post which I become well adept at the skill I have chosen to work upon.” Interviewee 2 is more realistic. He is NOT INTERESTED in fancy designations and pay packages but he intends to master the skill that he possesses. Further, he wishes to develop other related skills as well. If the interviewer is looking for a sincere and hard working candidate; he might select the second interviewee. Note: It is important to be clear about your aspirations but it equally important to state them appropriately.

What are your short term and long term goals/objectives?
There are two kinds of objectives that a person can have in their professional life, the short term career objectives and the long term career objectives. Short term career objectives are quite simple, like getting a higher post in a few years or months, or learning a new skill so that you can become more productive for the company or even earning a certain amount per month by a particular time. These are the answers that you can provide when you are asked what your short term career aspirations are. In some cases, you can also speak about any dream company that you would like to work with as your short term career aspirations. When it comes to long term career aspirations, you can go a bit ambiguous and even out of the material world. For example, you can say that your long term career aspirations are to create a path that other people in the profession and line of work may follow. You may even speak about what are your career ambitions, like obtaining the highest post in a company in a while, etc. These are generally the answers that you should give when asked about your short and long term career goals. Of course, the goals that you have in your career must not only be planned but also achieved – the next question could be about describing how you are going to set constructive steps for accomplishing your future goals.

Two Basic Responses
The interviewer would like to hear a precise answer as to – where do you see yourself 5 years from now and how do you plan on getting there? Therefore, one should state a clear/realistic career vision - For those who want to become experts in their field:

In 5 years time, I see myself progressing in (the field) and in (the company), learning new skills to the benefit of (the company). I find this (job position) extremely interesting and motivating. I can see many challenges lying ahead of me, which I am eager to experience. And therefore, I am willing to invest my 5 years time learning all aspects of the job towards professional advancement. To sum up – I want to be an expert in my (field).

For managers or those who have ambitions to rise to management positions: In 5 years, I see myself in a senior position (a team leader? high level executive?), having more responsibilities, coaching other employees and managing more people. I am interested in pursuing my career based on (this company’s) goals. I believe that being able to learn the company’s environment and investing in further business education will be in the company’s and my own interest. Basic Methods for Reaching You Career Goals and Achieving Career Objectives Here are some pointers as to how you can achieve and reach your objectives: 1. Enhance Skills

Enhancement of skills...
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