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Topics: Observation, Job analysis, Peer-to-peer Pages: 2 (595 words) Published: March 3, 2013
Assignment 2

1) Suppose you were assigned to write job descriptions for a shirt factory in British Columbia employing mostly Chinese immigrants who spoke little or no English. What methods would you use to collect job analysis data?

Answer: When choosing a method, HR managers should consider time, cost and human efforts included in conducting the process. Taking these criteria into consideration, I would use the Observation Method. As a job analyst I would observe the employees and record all their performed and non-performed tasks, fulfilled and un-fulfilled responsibilities and duties, methods, ways and skills used by them to perform various duties and their ability to handle presented challenges and risks. However, due to the fact that every person has his own way of observing things I would have several observers. Different people think different and interpret the findings in different ways. Therefore, to avoid the process involving personal biasness or likes and dislikes that may not produce genuine results, data will be pooled and the best observations that reflect the desired outcomes will be kept. Errors can be avoided by the training the observer who will be conducting the job analysis process to properly assess the employees. The use of this particular method to write job descriptions for a shirt factory in British Columbia employing mostly Chinese immigrants who speak little or no English should include the following procedures: Direct observation, Work Methods Analysis and Critical Incident Technique. The first method includes direct observation and recording the behaviour of an employee in different situations. The second involves the study of time and motion and is most often used for assembly line or factory workers. The third one is about identifying the work activities that reflect their performance. The Interview Method and Questionnaire Method would present several problems considering most of the workers do not speak English. The...
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