How Ups Delvers Performance Appraisals

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1. Yes, Jeffrey Pfeffer would most likely call UPS a people-centered company because three out of the seven of Pfeffer’s people-centered practices are used in this case. First is employee empowerment through decentralization and self-managed teams. Instead of having upper management make evaluations about the drivers, UPS has the supervisors do ride-alongs to see the driver’s performance. Second is reduction of status differences. The case states that ever since they started using the PDA’s, anyone anywhere can log on and view the status of a driver. And third, sharing of key information. The introduction of PDA’s has made working at UPS a much better place because supervisors are now able to just plug in the PDA to a PC and get all the information they need. The PDA’s are also helpful to supervisors because they can be in the field and still get their email and other important information that they may need. 2. Critical incidents are noted by the supervisor when they happen. When a supervisor goes on ride-alongs, this is what happens. The PDA’s that supervisors use produce checklists that they will use during evaluations. The checklist is the same for every supervisor and all drivers are graded the same. 3. I would rate their defensibility system as extremely good. They are very thorough when doing evaluations. 4. In my opinion, no, UPS has not crossed that line. UPS is not digging into all your personal information, they’re not snooping around. UPS is simply supervising the way you drive and how you handle things. 5. I know people always say that there is room for improvement, but I really like how UPS does their driver evaluations. It’s fast, it’s efficient, and it works.
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