How to Write a Letter of Recommendation

Topics: Family, Individual, Employment Pages: 2 (430 words) Published: April 9, 2013
I am taking this opportunity to give a recommendation for Consumer Support Services (CSS) / El Camino to open an ICF/DD in the Cincinnati area. I began working with Consumer Support Services (CSS) / El Camino (then the Columbia House) in September of 2000, after accepting a position with the County board of Developmental Disabilities. Then later after a conversation with a co-worker about a resident that lived at the Columbia House, who might have been a great uncle, my mother made contact with the social worker and they began to set up visits. My mother later fell ill and had earlier started the process of becoming my uncle’s medical guardian, the social worker made contact with me and ask if I would become the medical guardian. Through the last 14 years that I have worked with CSS / El Camino they continually are present in the lives of the individual’s that they serve. A professional example of this is I have worked with 17 plus individuals that have the company as their HPC provider and they have never wanted to change providers. I believe the reason for this is that CSS have a good employee tenure and work hard to make sure that their employees are vested in the mission of the company. Which in turn makes the staff / individual relationships a win –win. The individuals feel the security of their staff and know that they can feel safe and trust an employee who has been empowered to assist, support and involve them in the individual’s life goals. A personal example of this is that CSS staff and the El Camino (Columbia House) have been the only family that my Uncle Sammie has had to rely on. I know that he has only received the best care, love and support from the day that he arrived and was put under their care. He has always has everything that he needs and is spoiled by the dedication that he has been given by his staff. I could not imagine his life anywhere else because he would die from a broken heart if he was taken away from his family. For this I...
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