How to Write Serial Killer Papers

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  • Published : September 17, 2012
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March 28, 2012

Directions for Serial Killer Visual and Oral Presentations

Serial killing, by its very nature, is in bad taste…but let’s try to keep our written and oral presentations within the realm of social acceptability, please. That’s the only request I have. Otherwise, I don’t want to give you very many rules that may stifle your creativity.

Here are some basic guidelines:

1) You may use any visual medium I can support without special software (e.g., PowerPoint, Jing, Prezi, Wix, Glogster, Moviemaker, etc.). You may also make a poster. If you make a poster, it must be a regular full-sized poster; the little half-sized ones are NOT acceptable.

2) Your visual presentation should tell a story to the casual observer…they should walk away from it knowing the basics about your serial killer.

3) When putting your visual presentation together, consider the following:

Who: Who is/was this person? Do you need to include background info? Did this person operate “normally” within our society, or was he/she a social outcast with a life that included a series of failures?

What: What did he/she do? What was the legal outcome of their crimes?
When: When were these crimes committed? When was your killer alive? If executed, killed in prison, or died some other way, when did that happen?
Where: Where was the killer from? Where were the murders committed? Were they close to home or work?
Why: Do we know why the serial killer did what he/she did (in many cases, serial killings stem from abuse during childhood)?
How: How were these killings carried out in general; what was the killer’s modus operandi?

Note: You don’t need to go down the above list and label them and answer the questions on your visual presentation. I’m just saying you should consider answering them for yourself, then determine if you should (and how you could) display the info. Answering those questions will ensure you have a complete story. But you...
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