How to Prepare a Web Page.

Topics: HTML, HTML element, Form Pages: 4 (1013 words) Published: April 6, 2013
Trying to design a web page using hyper text mark up language (html) Smtp-simple message transfer protocol or simple mail transfer protocol It is a mark up language meaning giving demarcations to a page to depict the content of the page in an order Mark up tags- the tag describes the document we are trying to create. Html tags are contained in left and right bracket angles. The tags normally come in pairs. The first is called the start tag and the last is called the closing or end tag. The difference between the opening and the end tag is that the end has a forward slash before the content of the less than and greater than sign. Html elements; they are everything we have between the closing tag and the opening tag and this include the tag themselves. A normal html page ideally will have 2 sections, the head and the body The note pad is called an html editor other editors could be used. At any point when we are writing anything in the note pad we will need to save it in a format using .htm or .html Anchor tag a

Reference and attribute
Tag element attribute
Href: it allows you to move from one page to the other
Absolute link
<a href=’’>my university</a> 26/11/2012
http: hyper text transfer protocol
it governs how text graphics and video can come in files in general ftp: file transfer protocol
it ensures that files are transferred from one computer to another over the internet url:
www:server level domain
generic top level domain: .com .net .org .ng .uk
Read up mark up languages
Font tag:
Definition list: in cases of questions that need response or when you want to talk more on a particular thing the definition list can be used. Definition list Definition tag definition data Ordered list: it makes use of numbering or lettering. The major identifier is to make the tag ol to...
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