How to Prepare for Civil Services by Upsc

Topics: India, Social sciences, Reading comprehension Pages: 2 (657 words) Published: March 8, 2013
General Studies and CSAT – Suggested Readings
Stage 1-NCERT Books (in around 60 days@5-6 hrs/day or 30 days@10-12 hrs/day) Geography - 6th to 12th Physics - 6th to 10th Civics - 6th to 10thChemistry - 6th to 10th

Pol Science - 11th to 12thBiology - 6th to 10th History - 6th to 12thMaths - 6th to 10th Sociology -11th to 12thProbability - 12th Maths
Economics - 9th to 12thPermutations & Combinations – 11th Maths CSAT (will take around 3 months @ 5 hours/day) GRE word list + Wren and Martin Grammar + GMAT Reading Comprehension and Analytical Reasoning + Quantitative Aptitude by Arun Sharma + Vajiram CSAT (Blue cover books) + TMH CSAT manual Stage 2- Reference Books (in around 6 months@5-6 hours/day) and (Current Affairs and GK from the time you start reading the Reference books) Reading Newspapers - {Indian Express / Times of India / The Hindu / The Economist} (any or all) Manorama Year Book + India Year Book (Government of India) + Yojana + Kurukshetra + Frontline + Outlook + Civil Services Chronicle + Vajiram & Ravi General Studies for Preliminary and Mains (Yellow cover books) + Any GS Manual (TMH or Spectrum) Modern India - Grover & Mehta or Bipan Chandra + Pratiyogita Darpan Special Issue Polity - Subhash Kashyap, M Laxmikanth, DD Basu, PM Bakshi (all are important) Economy – Uma Kapila, Dutt and Sundaram + Pratiyogita Darpan Special Issue + Economics Dictionary + Economic Survey published by Government of India Geography - D.R Khullar, Majid Hussain + Pratiyogita Darpan Special Issue Stage 3 – Making notes from Reference books, newspapers and websites. For government-related information, and need to be followed to supplement your notes. Prepare topic-wise notes and update them every week. Going through past years question papers of Mains (Optionals as well as GS) and Pre (in case of GS and CSAT) will help with...
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