How to Play Heroclix

Topics: Attack, Dice, Attack! Pages: 2 (622 words) Published: February 25, 2013
Sigh loudly It's another boring rainy day. There is nothing on any of my 800 channels, and I have liked the same picture of a cat on Facebook for the thousandth time. What is there to do now? Today I am going to tell you how to play the game Heroclix.

This is a fun and strategic game that is one part chess and one part super heroes is a great way to alleviate boredom, learn strategic thinking, and about comic books all at one time. I am going to go over reading the pieces dial, setting up the map, and the basics of a round of the game.

The different parts of the dial and what they mean
The parts of the dial are Movement, Attack, Defense, Damage, Range, Targets, Team Symbol, and Traits. Movement is the number of spaces that the piece can move. The Attack is number to combine with the result of rolling two 6 sided dice and hope it is higher then the opponents pieces Defense number. If it is you will look at the Damage number to know how many times to clix or turn the dial. The Range is how many squares away you can hit and the lighting bolts are how many pieces you can target with a ranged attack. If you do target two or more pieces the damage must be divided between them. For exampled if you can deal 3 damage and you hit two targets you can do 1 to target A and 2 to B, or you could do 0 to target A and 3 to target B. You just can't do 3 to both.

Now that you have chosen your pieces you must set up your map. You will take your Heroclix map that is almost always 16x24 squares. You and your opponent will roll 2 six sided dice and the person with the higher number will choose who is going first. The first play with then reveal his force to the opponent by placing them in the starting area which is outlined with purple. The second player will then set up his in his starting area. Next the players will take turn placing the objects they choose earlier in squares one at a time until all objects have been placed. You are now ready to begin. The...
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