How to Manage Conflict Between the Countries

Topics: Culture, Communication, South Korea Pages: 26 (9848 words) Published: April 28, 2013
Executive summary
Conflict always happen around us in anywhere and anytime, conflict can be cause by any small matter but the affected to the relationship between people might be very serious. Nowadays, conflict not just happen among our own social life but it might be a serious problem among the global. Different countries have different culture and people, if we can’t study their diversity of culture well, even saying one words wrongly, it can be a very serious matter to them who are not same culture with us. To avoid the conflict between the countries, we try to search the best solution to solve the problem, we also study the differences of the culture between the countries. In our report, we are using Malaysia and Korea as an example to make the overview of the conflict become clearer and the solution to solve the conflict between the countries.

The purpose of this paper is to identify the conflict between two difference culture, Malaysia and Korea. Besides that, it is also determined the solution to solve the problem occur when two difference culture people are meet. Moreover, in this report, we can clearly define that Malaysia and Korea have their own personal culture and how the effective strategy can solve the problem between two difference culture people, especially in the role of communication. The main sources and methods used in this report are from the internet, research, book and journal. We are using the qualitative method as we have to analyse some journal, news and the source from the internet. The scope of this study is to identify the conflict between two difference culture countries. We have to find out the difference between the two countries, and also the solution that can solve the conflict. Conflict can be defined as a struggle or contest between people with opposing needs, ideas, beliefs, values, or goals. Conflict might escalate and lead to non-productive result or it can be beneficially resolved and lead to quality final products. In addition, culture defined as ‘ a learned meaning system that consists of patterns of traditions, belief, values, norms, and symbols that are passed on from one generation to the next generation ( Ting-Toomey, 1999) ’. Moreover, people on difference culture quite often have different ideologies and such differences are important to decide the way they respond and react in a conflicting situation. Culture conflict is be defined as the conflict that occurs when different cultural values and beliefs clash. So, culture conflict is difficult to resolve as parties to the conflict have different beliefs. In this report, we will find out what types of solution that can solve the problem occur when culture conflict is happening. The limitation or challenge for our report is that there is lack of journal and book about culture conflict between Malaysia and Korea. They may have some internet source about the culture in Korea but mostly is in Korea language, and it is hard for us to fully understand the sources. Secondly, lack of information about the Korea culture make us facing the problem when we compared the difference between them. Lastly, all of us try to manage our schedule to make this report perfect and full of raw materials, because it is hard to match with the time to each other.

In our secondary research, we would like to choose Korean as the country in our discussion. Cross-culture communication ability has now become important quality of the worker and manager. This is the important thing that manager should have done to get batter result in the international business especially in the global era. It will be important for us to communicate with culture sensitivity. Besides that, cross-culture informational important for us to gain more information when we having an international business especially in managing the communication conflict ( dipak kumar bhattachaeyya,...
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