How to Make a Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich

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HowTo: Make a Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich

Step 1. Stand in front of the table with all of the assorted Products to make the Sandwich.

Step 2. Turn your body to face the sink.

Step 3. Identify your Left, and Right Leg. Your left leg is on the same side as your heart, and your right is on the same side as your lungs.

Step 4. Place your left leg in front of the right leg.

Step 5. Repeat step 4 until you are in front of the sink

Step 6. Stop all motion once in front of the sink.

Step 7. Identify your Left, and you Right hand. If you hold your hands in front of you. Your left hand will make an “L” shape with the Thumb, and Index finger.

Step 8. Take your Right hand, and place it on the hot water.

Step 9. Turn on the Hot Water.

Step 10. Take your Left hand, and place it on the cold water.

Step 11. Turn on the cold water.

Step 12. Adjust the water temperature with your Right, and Left Hands until the water is at a comfortable temperature for you to begin washing your hands.

Step 13. Take your hand that is closest to the Soap Dispenser and put it on the Dispensing button.

Step 14. Place your other hand under the soap dispenser, so the Soap falls onto your hand.

Step 15. Press the soap button Once.

Step 16. Lather your hands together (Rub your hands together)

Step 17. Place both hands under the water, while lathering still.

Step 18. Continue to wash hands until you feel your hands are clean from all imperfections. NO BOOGERS.

Step 19. Turn of both the, Hot and Cold water.

Step 20. Take the hand closest to the paper towels and grab the sheet of the paper towel.

Step 21. Pull the paper towel down until it’s about One foot, to One and a half feet long.

Step 22. Rip the Foot of paper towel off the roll.

Step 23. Rub the paper towel with your hands until your hands are dry.

Step 24. Now walk to the closest trash can.

Step 25. Place the paper towel over the trash can with your Right hand.

Step 26. Release the paper towel.

In case of accidental failure to make it into the trash can pick up the paper towel with your left hand and repeat steps, 25, and 26 until the sheet is properly located in the trash can.

Step 27. Turn your body, so it faces the Table with the assorted Peanut Butter, and Jelly products, and walk so you are standing in front of the table, but are also facing the class.

Step 28. There should be gloves to the Right, or Left of you. With whatever hand is closest to them, Pick up Two Gloves.

Step 29. With your right hand, take one of the gloves, and place your fingers inside of the glove.

Step 30. Slide the glove all the way down your hand covering it completely. Remember No Glove No Love.

Step 31. Repeat steps 29, and 30 but with your opposite hand.

Step 32. Place your right hand on top of the paper towels that is sitting on the table

Step 33. With your left hand unroll about a foot of paper towel

Step 34. Rip off the foot of paper towel.

Step 35. Let go of the roll of paper towel with your right hand.

Step 35. Place that Ripped off piece of paper towel on the table.

Step 36. Grab the loaf of bread with your Left, and right hand. Do not pick it up.

Step 37. Take your right hand and place it at TwistTie on the top of the loaf of bread.

Step 38. Now Take both hands and twist off the TwistTie on the loaf of bread. Make sure you are taking off the Tie, not twisting it tighter.

Step 39. With your right hand remove TWO slices of bread. If it is the “Heel” of the bread, please discard is in the trash, nobody likes that piece anyways.

Step 40. Place both slices of bread on the table separated from each other, on top of the piece of paper towel you ripped off.

Step 41. Now Take your right hand and place it in the center of the Peanut Butter.

Step 42. Take your Left hand and place it on the top of the peanut butter.

Step 43. Turn the top until it is off of the peanut butter....
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