How to Make Homemade Pesticide

Topics: Plant, Fruit, Insecticide Pages: 2 (481 words) Published: February 15, 2013
How to Make Homemade Pesticide

Things You'll Need
* Spray bottle
* Dedicated blender or food processor
* Protective gloves

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* 1
Mix homemade garden sprays using water and plants (or dried powders) from the garden such as hot peppers, onions and garlic. Add a drop of dish detergent to help the solution stick and store in a spray bottle to apply to infested vegetables or flowers. * 2

Capture a handful of the problem insects, drop them in a blender and hit the mix button. Pour the paste into a shallow dish and place where the problem insects are located. Ground-up insects will repel their own kind. * Sponsored Links

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* 3
Use companion planting techniques and plant garlic bulbs around the roses and fruit trees. The garlic will repel Japanese beetles and aphids. * 4
Sprinkle diatomaceous earth in areas where slugs or snails are a problem. The microscopic sharp spikes of this material pierce the skins of these soft-bodied pests and they die. * 5
Visit the pantry for some homemade pesticides that are commonly available. Sprinkle flour or powdered sugar on cabbageworms and table salt on slugs and snails. * 6
Paint a mixture of cooking oil and soapy water on the bark of infested fruit trees to smother the eggs of problem insects. * 7
=Mix a quarter pound of cedar chips with one gallon of water and let sit for two hours. Use the spray on beetles. * 8
Grow a mosquito plant, pennyroyal or eucalyptus in the garden to repel insects. Make a tincture of pennyroyal and apply to repel annoying black flies and gnats. * 9
Add a quarter pound of animal glue to a gallon of warm water and spray on trees and bushes to trap...
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