How to Increase Your Marks

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How to increase your marks
Andrew Fuller
Getting better marks has a lot to do with how you approach studying. The twelve most powerful ways to increase your marks don’t involve you working harder but they do involve you working smarter.

3.Put off pleasurable activities until work is done.
This is a painful one but if you play computer games before you get down to studying, the levels of dopamine in your brain lessen and you will lose the drive and motivation you need to study effectively. Work first, play later.

1.Study in silence.
This is the single most powerful way to increase your marks. Spend at least 20 minutes of your study time in silence. No texting, music or computer screens. Outcomes improve when you practice in the same conditions you want to perform in. In the exam room there won’t be music, mobile phones or computer screens.

4.Talk yourself through the steps involved.
One of the things that highly successful students do is to explain out loud to themselves the steps involved in completing a task. This applies to every subject area. By saying out loud, “ First I have to do…. Then I have to do….” and so on, any part that you are uncertain about becomes clear and you can then use this to guide where you need to do more.

2. Organise & transform the information you want to learn.
Just reading your notes over and over again doesn’t really work. Your memory stores information best when you organise or transform it. This means organising your notes so that the main idea is highlighted on each page. Then take your notes and turn them into a flow chart or a mind map or see if you can fit them to a song you know well or make it into a sound recording. The more times you can transform and reorganise the information the more firmly it is remembered.

5. Ask for help.
Teachers want their students to be interested and to do well. You will be amazed if you ask a question how many other people don’t understand it either. If you are really scared...
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