How the World Was

Topics: Aeneid, Dido, Aeneas Pages: 1 (455 words) Published: April 7, 2013
story of how things were
The biggest theme in Book 1 is Fate and the Gods. The Gods in the Aeneid are, quite often, even more interesting than the mortals with whom they appear so fascinated, having highly distinctive personalities and taking extraordinary measures to see their wishes achieved. The gods have a tendency to meddle in mortal lives and they often use mortals to further their own ends. Although the gods can help or harm mortals on the path towards their destinies, they are ultimately unable to dictate the course of fate. “Muse, how it all began. Why was Juno outraged? What could would the Queen of gods with all her power? Why did she force a man, so famous for his devotion, to brave rounds of hardship, bear such trials?” (Page 47 Line 10) In Book 1, it talks about how Juno Queen of the Gods was angered when a Trojan man, Paris, did not choose her as the fairest of the goddesses. She became even more determined to do whatever she could to destroy the Trojans when she learned that the ancestors of these men were fated to bring the downfall of Carthage, the city of which she was patron. Juno is the driving force behind the Aeneid: her passionate hatred for the Trojans drives the plot of the novel, as she steers them into one treacherous situation after another apparent motive of destroying his life and turning him away from his destiny. Juno went to the Lord of Winds and told him “Aeolous, the father of God and Kings of Men gave you the power to calm the waves or rouse them with your gales. A race I loathe is crossing the Tuscan sea, Transporting Troy to Italy, bearing their conquered household gods thrash your winds to fury, sink their warships, overwhelm them or break them apart, scatter there crews, drown them all! I happen to see some sea-nymphs, fourteen beauties, Deiopea the finest of all by far… I’ll join you in lasting marriage, call her yours and for all her years to come she will live with you.” Some of the things he went through in...
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