How Not to Write Your College Application Essay

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  • Published : May 9, 2013
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Please Accept Me to Your Fine University

A quick glance at me from someone in my school gets people thinking something like this, “Hey, who is that kid? Does he even go to our school?” It’s true, I don’t quite fit into any of your typical high school cliques: jock, geek, goth, or gamer and I might not stand out or have very many friends; and I might still not be clear on what my goals are in life, but is anyone one hundred percent sure of theirs? If someone were to take possession of my body, they might find it easily distracted by things more interesting than some physics lecture or history presentation. My parents have always told me that not only do I have ADD, but also its stronger counterpart, ADHD. While this may be true, I wouldn’t use the brash term ADD, I would call it a pursuit towards a passion of interest. The mind is distracted easily by the things it wants, and if you have the passion and interest to pursue those wants, you can turn them into a lifelong pursuit and eventually a successful job or career.

For example, I plan on majoring in culinary arts, and while it might seem funny for a person with a sever case of ADHD to be making your food properly, I find that this is the one area where I am able to excel beyond expectations. The art of cuisine is one that relaxes me and calms me down to the point where I can dedicate my full attention span to one specific topic for a mass period of time. From early on in my life, I have had an undenying interest in food culture inspired from my parents creating outstanding dishes with unfamiliar names. We would sometimes go out to fancy restaurants for dinner and specifically order outlandish meals and then see which one of us could best replicate the dish the next day for dinner. The first time I won the game with my parents, I flawlessly replicated a popular Australian Beuschl dish, (pig liver and kidney) which I was given much praise for by my parents. From that day forward I have realized the...
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