How Microsoft Builds Software Case Analysis

Topics: Project management, Software development process, Software development Pages: 4 (1162 words) Published: December 9, 2012
1. What is the most striking feature of software development process at Microsoft (as discussed in the case), according to you and WHY so?

* In IT industry, we have two types of industries (1) Product Based:  Build their own product and sell it in market / to clients and (2) Service Based:  Build (software) applications / products for other companies and their clients. * Microsoft is more of Product Based. They accelerate new technologies as and when they evolve. Microsoft - the epitome of software product development - has a very large fraction of its work force providing support and associated services around its products. * They have their own defined processes. Making a product is pain, basically because the existence of company depends on success/failure of their product in the market. Also company need to update their product very regularly according to the changes in the industry on which product is based on. * Software Development Process tends to focus on change in the product and have become an important framework in management. * All software products have their own requirement and it often changes with respect to time so they offer Incremental releases and that too version based. * Microsoft’s approach to software product development allows teams to be creative and retain the autonomy of small group by frequently synchronizing and stabilizing continuous design changes. * They believe that when conducting any complex tasks, small teams of talented people are better than large teams of average or talented people. * Everybody work on their expertise so that it becomes more easy and controllable while working in parts. Moreover the easier it is to have good communication and consistency of ideas among team members. Small teams also can simplify scheduling and work out interdependency difficulties at and every phase. * Microsoft uses ‘synch and stabilize’ approach for software development. They do everything in parallel...
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