How Far Was Stresemann Responsible for the Recovery of the Weimar Republic?

Topics: Weimar Republic, Adolf Hitler, Paul von Hindenburg Pages: 4 (1196 words) Published: November 29, 2011
How Far Was Stresemann Responsible For The Recovery of The Weimar Republic?

1923 was an extremely crucial time for Germany with a great shift in culture, economy and government. It was falling apart; the German economy had collapsed due to the striking between German workers and French occupiers. Hyperinflation rose so much that the German people were forced to using suitcases and wheelbarrows to carrying money not to mention the fact that the collapse of the currency caused even more havoc within the economy. Due to the French’s despise and hate for Germany they tried to encourage the Rhineland to break away, this then became a Rhineland Independence Movement which made France’s intentions possible. Furthermore left wing communist governments had taken matters into their own hands. They took control of Berlin and Hitler attempted the Beer Hall Putsch in November 1923 to overthrow the government, whilst other politicians broke away from Germany. That is what led Stresemann being appointed chancellor and foreign minister of a grand coalition government.

One of the first priorities Stresemann decided to sort out was passive resistance as it was causing Germany to become bankrupt. However he had to be cautious as it could be pictured as another climb-down to the French. Schacht was appointed by Stresemann to revive the economy. Two new currencies were enforced first the rentenmark and then the reichsmark. This allowed the economy to recover, as there was now a stable currency. Risings in Thuringia, Saxony and the Beer Hall Putsch were crushed due to Stresemann pressing the army led by General von Seeckt. This meant there was now no danger of Germany falling apart.

Stresemann’s foreign policy plan was also a success. The treaty of Locarno improved relations with France. France soon allowed Germany to join the League of Nations and Germany became a permanent member of the council. Stresemann was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. This was good for...
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