How Does Your Race, Religion, Nationality, Gender, Culture and Family Construct/Define You?

Topics: Family, Singapore, Malaysia Pages: 2 (715 words) Published: June 30, 2012
People aren’t all the same. They are built by different characteristics and that’s what shaped each and every one of us something different the others. There are highs and lows in everybody. A different religion and a different story to tell. Everyone is special in their own ways.

Well, here’s my story. I am a girl, well, isn’t that obvious. But little do you know, being a girl isn’t as easy as you think. As a girl, people will expect you to be like perfect. Olden days Chinese preferred boys over girls. My mother has four girls and one boy. Therefore, my grandmother loves my brother more than she loves us. There was never an equal love. My mother’s brother has two boys and one girl. She adores my cousin brother the most out of the whole family. She even stated in her will that about one tenth of her properties goes to him and only him.

Besides that, girls are always looked down at. Exactly why I have to work harder than the boys, just to earn the name of girls being at the top. To show people out there, that women are as good as men. Men are only liked by more people because everyone is a stereotype and always think that guys are way stronger, smarter and more. But scientific shows, that girls are more brilliant and creative than most guys out there. We girls to can rule the country. Why can’t we be presidents? Why can men only be presidents, prime minister? Queen Elizabeth has proven to us that she can rule a country.

I am the forth child in my family out of 5 children. I am expected to be better than my siblings. Every exam of every year, my mom would compare my exam results with my siblings. She expects me to achieve higher than them. She now expects me to follow my eldest sister’s footsteps and be a doctor. My mom’s expectations towards the younger ones are higher. Especially to me, considering I am sent to a good school. My parents always presume me to excel in everything I do. No mistakes must happen.

I am Malaysian. Malaysia is...
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