Housing Lecture Note

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Introduction of housing and density
Lecturer: Professor John Mutlow, ARCH 693a, School of Architecture, University of Southern California Recorded by Jason Muller and Yueming Zhou 01/16/2013 (Yueming Zhou) Topic of research: Housing and Density Goals for two semesters: In first semester the task will focus on research and gathering information while in the second semester it will be the analysis of these information and project design based on the research conclusions. Human is evolved to live under built environment. Human survival needs food, water and shelters. As the global population is increasing, the increasing of housing density is inevitable. There are apparently three main directions of density increasing – growing up, expanding out and going down. Expanding out is comparatively easiest way, but there is a balance between housing density increasing and over occupying agricultural land and natural land needed to be achieved. Therefore the main topic for the research is how to increase housing density while maintain living quality at the same time. Quality of life involves many aspects such as sunlight access, social spaces and supportive infrastructure and utilities. Balcony and garden in housing provide sunlight access and outdoor spaces. Living Environment Elements by Christopher Alexander is a good reference about aspects of maintaining life quality. We want to minimize utility cost, taking up less public resource to achieve the same good living quality as density increases. Additional issue is the change of living environment with people aging. We need different living environments as a student, a professional practitioner and a retiree. Research into different living style in terms of age variety, as well as culture variety will also help to make better design decision in increasing density of housing. Assignment for the first week: 1. Research of definition for “Housing” and “Density” 2. Find one book relating to the research topic

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