Hospitality Legal Issues

Topics: Discrimination, Employment, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission Pages: 2 (645 words) Published: May 28, 2013
Legal Issues
Legal issue| Law/legislation| Brief description of legislation| Hygiene| Food Act 2003 (NSW)Food Regulation 2004 (NSW)| States where food can be prepared and sold, how food should be transported, stored, prepared, cooked and served. Expected hygiene standards, no spoiled or contaminated foods sold. Foods must match description given to customers| Liquor| Liquor Act 1982(NSW)Liquor Regulation 1996 (NSW)| Notification to the public to apply for a license, trading hours permitted rules for selling alcohol, signage to warn minors that they are not permitted in certain areas. Offences and legal proceeding if any part of legislation is breeched. All staff serving alcohol must have an RSA (Responsible service of alcohol)| Gaming| Gaming Machines Act 2001 (NSW)Gaming Machines Regulation 2002 (NSW)| This legislation sets out application requirements; the number of machines or the type of gaming facilities permitted; trading hours permitted; display of clocks so that patrons can keep track of time, signs that identity the probability of winning on machines and signs that warn gamblers of the negative effects of gambling and phone numbers that can be called for counselling; and harm minimisation| Environment| Smoke Free Environment Act 2000 (NSW)Smoke Free Environment Regulation 2001 (NSW)| This legislation provides employees with a healthier work environment and customers with healthier environment to dine and drink as they are no longer subjected to passive smoking, which carries many risks such as heart disease, lung cancer, respiratory tract irritation that results in coughing and shortness of breath. Smoking can also trigger asthma attacks.| Health and Safety| Work Health and Safety Act (WHS)| Ensure places of work are safe and without risks for those within the enterprise| Worker’s Compensation| Worker’s compensation Act 1987 (NSW)| Sets out requirements for employers in ensuring the health, safety and welfare of their...
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