Horses of the Night

Topics: Fear, Life, Meaning of life Pages: 3 (1190 words) Published: March 3, 2013
veryone feels the need to escape once in a while. To escape means to try to get away from the everyday trauma’s that occur. In the story Horses of the Nigh” by Margaret Lawrence, the character Chris constantly escapes reality. The author is suggesting that the effect of escaping from the reality of life too a great extent, can lead to dire consequences. The need to escape reality is shown through symbols.

Certain symbols can emphasize the need of the character, Chris, to escape from the reality of his life. First, the children in the story emphasize Chris’ need to escape from reality. Vanessa and his sister’s children symbolize the innocence in Chris. This is illustrated by his love of children. He does the same things as they do; he imagines, he’s creative, and he’s intuitive. This love of imagination is what keeps Chris positive. This can be shown by how he explains about the dinosaurs that were in the lake by his house in Shallow Creek. He describes how millions of years ago there were dinosaurs that were water monsters that eventually died before humans existed. Plus, that there are dinosaur footprints in the rocks because when the dinosaurs used to step into the mud, they left footprints which hardened into rock after trillions of years. It is through this story, that he shares with Vanessa, that shows his love of imagination that can only come from innocence. The innocence that children all possess is what keeps Chris from going into a deep depression. This is shown by the number of things against him such as the possibility of not going to college as well as being so poor. This innocence of imagination that he lives by helps him to escape the horror’s and sadness in his life. For children do not know of the hard trials of life; they spend all day following each other in clusters of four or five swimming in and out of the house in Shallow Creek like shoal of nameless fishes. However, most importantly, they live by the wonder of...
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