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Topics: Sophocles, Tragedy, Oedipus Pages: 2 (652 words) Published: May 3, 2013
Sarah Tedford
Week 14 - Coursework Questions
"Words, Words, Words"
1. The "infinite monkey theorem" is the idea that any device (not just monkeys) producing random characters would eventually reproduce an existing, famous work. 2-A.
· John Milton was an author known internationally for his works. He was named "the best English author", and was a renown polemicist (one who writes to prove one point and discredit another). ·Jonathan Swift was a renown satirist.

·Franz Kafka was considered to be the first existentialist. 2-B. All three writers were controversial and influential during their time, each held their opinions while discrediting others in attempt to establish new ideas. Ives used the names of these characters because his drama itself is a form of satire, going against the "infinite monkey theorem". The authors the monkeys are named after are also the best of their time and genre, and it would seem appropriate to name the monkeys such since the scientists are expecting that quality of work. 3-A.

·Milton is portrayed as the more intelligent, logical type attempting to keep the other monkeys' moral and work ethics uplifted by acting as an advocate for Dr. Rosenbaum. ·Swift is portrayed as the rebellious type - complaining, asking controversial questions, and worrying about when they will ever get out. ·Kafka is portrayed as the most tedious, but the least intelligent of the group. She is trying, but doesn't understand what she's supposed to be doing. 3-B.

·None of the characters seem to be confident that they will ever make anything close to Hamlet. ·The characters all want to go back home to the African jungle, and leave captivity. ·All characters seem to be able to read what they are typing. 3-C.

·Only Milton seems to comprehend what recreating "Hamlet" really means to the scientists. ·Swift takes another aspect to the assignment, informing the rest of the group that he would like to poison Rosenbaum, as Claudius did Hamlet. ·...
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