Homework Exercise on the Different Types of Power and Their Descriptions.

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If I had to pick just on form of power to get results from I would have to pick expert power. Without the expertise in your job area you are never going to get a quality result. I don’t think that expertise necessarily means that you are going to end up being the one doing all the work or micro-managing but, I do think that it would probably tend to lean in that direction if one is not careful. I find a combination of referent, expert and reward power to be the best way to entice people to produce the quality result’s I am looking for. I don’t think I use just one of them. I think this combination of authority is going to lend itself to several quality things. First expertise is going to allow you to pass on knowledge to your team. Knowledge is always a good thing as far as I am concerned. This can lead to a respect from your team also. Second, referent leadership, is, or should be, the natural use of people wanting to associate with those that are within the scope of their goals in life. I don’t want to be an hourly worker. I want to be an engineer and partake in the possibilities that are going to open up for me. I hope that it is going to give me the chance to, one day, create something great. Maybe even bring me a more financially peaceful feeling. Third is reward leadership. Using reward leadership you encourage the team members to produce quality and give them a thank you at the same time. Who doesn’t like to get a “good job” when they have finished something they have worked hard on?

I believe I use this style when working with people, leading people and within my own family. I want my wife to work with me and I for sure want my children to learn from me. I hope to encourage both of them to be the best they can be and to know that I have their best interests in mind.

My main goal in improving on my leadership skills are to finish my degree program and continuously be educating myself on improving these skills. I wish to give my...
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