Homework Assignment 2

Topics: Website, World Wide Web, Akamai Technologies Pages: 16 (5563 words) Published: April 10, 2013
Chapter 3:
Augment my Reality:
What's next? Social networking will transform e-commerce, in the future organizations will take advantage of talent outside the organization by commissioning everything from technology development to marketing campaigns to outside groups and people such as us. The only limits will be the speed at which technology continues to advance. Everything you want, need, or have an urge for will be an app away. You will be able to get what model of car, color, and accessories on line, as you can already at most car manufacturers place an order for the car you want with what you want on the internet, but in this future you will be able to see yourself behind the wheel and feel the power at hand. One thing we can look forward to in the future with all this new technology is what we see today, as IPhone 5 was released 21 Sept 2012. This release created a mad rush to acquire this new technology; but news spiraled out of control as Apple announces they are experiencing app problems as people purchase them. Another area of evolution will be the ability to participate in television reality shows live, younger generations are obsessed with these types of shows; they begin to believe that’s how everyone is and acts. E-Commerce will continue to be a major tool in sales and marketing, it will be an inseparable part of the internet. E-Commerce businesses will have to ensure the ease of use of their on-line store design and setup to make it appealing to customers, and will have to continuously invest in the newest technology and ideas.

Case Study page 186 questions 1-5
1.Akamai needs to geographically disperse its servers to deliver its customers’ Web content because it would devise faster routes for information to travel. Akamai has over 11 thousand networks with 48000 servers are have a presence in over 70 countries worldwide. Some of Akamai’s big named customers include: Apple, NASDAQ, GM motors, XM radio. The company maintains a corporate and government pool of customers in excess of 20000 while serving over 1 million simultaneous media streams each day. Dispersing the servers would assist in the increase of video by traffic fifty percent of internet capacity this year alone. 2.I would sign up with Akamai. This company is one of the major Web helpers helping to speed the delivery of content. As internet traffic is high and speed is slow; through the use of Akamai servers, I would be able to correct or improve my internet delay or failure problems and content would not be disintegrated. Akamai provides Edge Computing which monitors the entire internet, creating quicker routes for information to travel. Whenever a customer requests content (a video or file) it will be redirected to an Akamai server nearby and its content is served from the local server that is up to 10 times faster. 3.Advertisers can deliver ads based on the country, region, city, marketing area, country, zip code, connection type and speed. The EdgeScape service constantly maps the internet and serves as a global network gathering data and providing a database with extremely accurate knowledge and database stored with comprehensive amounts of shared knowledge. By deploying server networks worldwide, Akamai will be able to collect greater amounts of information, hence strengthening their customer relations. Advertisers will be able to target their customers better based off of geographical and statistical data gathered, which in turn will lower their overall costs. Akamai provides business intelligence accurately, creates personalized content, has bandwidth-appropriate presentation, and can validate end user’s locations. 4.Akamai is a centralized server that needs to add servers to improve its service. P2P is the decentralization portion of the internet in which clients are their own service, which in turn creates additional bandwidth and data usage. The more people use it, the better the service will get. Akamai is often preferred...
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