Hometown Deli Case Study Stage One: Summary, Areas of Focus

Topics: Strategic management, Management, Marketing Pages: 4 (983 words) Published: November 4, 2012
Hometown Deli Case Study Stage One: Summary, Areas of Focus For Stage 1 of the Case Study: Analysis and Recommendation, you will ensure you cover the requirements by reviewing the assignment details and scoring rubric. You will (from the rubric): 1.Perform a detailed Porter’s Five Forces analysis for your Hometown Deli, addressing each force in one or two sentences and defining the force, its impact on the Deli and your strategy or strategies for dealing with it (30 points). (In past classes, students failed to identify whether the force/impact on the deli is high or low). Information on each of the five forces follows: a.Buyer power: The buyers are your deli customers. Their power can be exerted which can affect the price they pay for items. Some factors that can influence buyer power is number of customers, availability of product, differences between competitors/substitute products and what they are willing to pay for an item. b.Supplier power: This is the power that the people who the deli purchases its goods to make their foods have. This can be impacted by the suppliers raising or lowering their prices, changing the availability of their products, and modifying the quality of their products. c.Threat of substitute products and services: In the deli’s case, this refers to similar products in other industries. Thus, fast-food establishments would be a substitute, grocery store products and sit-down restaurants would fall under this classification. d.Threat of existing competition: this would be your competition in the same industry (deli or similar offerings). If there are many competitors in the deli industry, the threat would be considered high. e.Threat of new entrants: considerations should be ranked high if it is easy to enter the industry and low if there are barriers to entry/it is difficult to open a deli establishment. 2.Determine which of Porter’s Three Generic strategies (textbook, pages 19 – 22) you will use as you rebuild...
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