Homeless Woman

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  • Published: April 13, 2013
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Homeless Single Women in Chicago
Carmen Diaz
February 19, 2013
Karen Hamilton

The research states that there are over 25,000 single woman who have no home and nowhere to stay Strausberg, C. (2001, May 30). Many of these women come from domestic violence situations and drug addictions. Some of these single homeless women are mentally unstable and prefer living in the streets although there are a few shelters for these women. Luhrmann, (2008) states the women who are mentally ill are afraid that they would be ridiculed if they where to get help. These women suffer very violent attacks because they refuse to go to shelters or ask for any type of help. Many of these homeless women go into prostitution or start to abuse drugs just to cope with life. Chicago has only nine single women shelters. They try to provide assistance with housing but it is very difficult for the city to provide shelter for so many. Many shelters are not equipped to provide security for these women and they are sometimes victims of abuse from other homeless women who are mentally ill or are sexually assaulted in the shelters from male staff or other homeless individuals. These shelters only have the capacity to provide temporary shelter for no more than a couple of days, and have a capacity of no more than 20 beds. Many women who are sent to shelters are scared because they feel that the shelters are also a place where violence takes place. One reason is that the city also has not been able to assist single homeless women is that they have to assist women who have children before they can accommodate those without children. Many of the churches in Chicago provide food and clothing but do not provide housing. The city has asked for more funding from the government to provide shelters for these women. The federal government has sent more funding but the city has not opened up any more shelters for these women. The city has also cut funding to agencies that assist homeless women, stating that it is because of budget cut. Mosley, J. E. (2012). The only budget cuts that should be looked at is the raises that the city officials give themselves every year. This research comes from firsthand knowledge that I witnessed while working with the Department of Human Services (DHS) office as an employment specialist. Many homeless single women would be put on a waiting list for an open bed or space. The priority would be women with children first. Domestic violence is the number one reasons why there are homeless women in Chicago; they feel that they cannot tolerate the abuse no longer. Moe AM.( 2007 Jul,13 Violence Against Women) Since the abuser isolates them from their friends and family, they may feel that they cannot trust anyone to help them and find themselves living in the streets. They are scared and feel if they turn to someone for help the abusive partner will find them and maybe even kill them. They feel that their only chance would be to live unnoticed in the streets. In some cases, these women feel that they cannot find adequate employment because either they lack the education or their skill level is not enough to find employment to substantially support themselves. Domestic violence victims may also feel that they would not be safe if they where to find employment fearing that the abuser will find them and interfere with their employment. Some single homeless women abuse drugs to escape from life thinking that it is the only way out. They prostitute to provide for their drug habits where more violence is inflicted upon them. Many single homeless women are ashamed of their situation. Depression is an additional factor in their lives. Some homeless women become mentally ill because they cannot take the pressure of being homeless and create their own fantasy world where they can feel safe and happy. These women do not fully understand that they are homeless and refuse any type of assistances from outsiders Luhrmann, T. M. (2008). Phil...
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