Holocaust Final Terms

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Holocaust Final Terms:

Wannsee Conference:
* Held on January 20th, 1942 in the Berlin suburb of Wannsee * 15 men gathered to discuss the “Final Solution”
* The conference was held by an SS officer named Reinhard Heydrich * The purpose of the conference was to inform administrative leaders of departments responsible for various policies relating to Jews. * Heydrich proposed the deportation of Jews from Europe and North Africa to the east. * By the end of the conference, it was concluded that Jews would be annihilated

Final Solution:
* The deliberate and physical annihilation of Jews

“Just Men”:
* In 1185, Rabbi Levy tells Jews to return to their own God * Jews agreed to go because Rabbi Levy told them to
* Rabbi Levy kills them because of this
* This acts sparks the legend of the lamed-vovnik, the just man, of which there are 36 * The purpose of the just man is to take all the suffering of mankind and bring it upon himself * The just men must do this because the world’s suffering would be too much for mankind to endure

Mark lecturer 02/04/2013
* Nazi government structure
* Autocratic control over society
* Jewish sychronization - centralization of power
* Organize social, political, and cultural organizations
Intentionalists vs Structuralists:
Mark lecturer 02/04/2013
* Intentionalists believed all control should go to Hitler * Structuralists believed control should be dispersed evenly

East vs. West:
* Eastern states were anti-semetic, but the individuals were not * Western states were not anti-semetic, but the individuals were * Eastern Jews were not as acculturated―most only spoke Yiddish * Western Jews were more acculturated―they could speak their state’s native language January 14 = East Monday March 4th lecture = West

German euthanasia:
Michael Thaler 02/11/2013
The pianist: His family saw Nazis carry a man on a wheel chair and throw him out the window * Kill people with disabilities or mental problems
* Over 200,000 people killed
Nuremberg Laws:
The Shop On Main Street
* Laws proposed by Hitler on Sept 13th
* Laws took effect on Sept 15th, 1935
* The citizenship law states in part, that a
* Set of anti-semitic laws that defined who was a Jew
* Full power by Hitler - Nazism became official ideology * Involves anti-semitism as a form of scientific racism
* These laws stripped Jews of their rights and left them defenseless under their government. * These laws also took away the right for Jews and Germans to marry * Jews were forbidden to wear Reich colors, but encouraged to wear Jewish colors

Holocaust photography:
Bruce Thompson (guest speaker) showed us the most famous picture of the Holocaust, which was a picture of a little boy with his hands up Bruce Thompson lecture 02/06
* Used as proof of what happened
* Demonstrates how Nazis humiliated Jews
* Used to prosecute Nazis after the war (Nazis that were portrayed in photographs were convicted and charged) * Prolongs memory/creates evidence

Warsaw Ghetto:
The pianist
* Largest ghetto
* Resisted in 1942

* Similar to Romanian Massacre of Jews
* Doesn’t stem from reason
* Coordinated plan to wipe out a race, etc.
* Different from other genocides because it wasn’t about a territorial dispute

Survival in Auschwitz – when guy is washing in her hands. March 1 = Dora lecturer. Marth 4th = French resistance * Partisans of Vilnas
* Fought back because the one thing the Nazi’s couldn’t take away was their will to survive * Revolted in Warsaw ghetto
* Carried cyanide to commit suicide
Schindler’s List:
* Nazi Party member
*  Buys a formerly Jewish-owned enamelware factory and uses bribery to get military contracts to make war supplies * On his quest to be rich, he is indifferent about the Jews and their...
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