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History of Drama

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* History of Drama
* Spanish Period
1. Tibag
* “to excavate”
* St. Helena’s search for the cross
2. Lagaylay – Pilareños of Sorsogon get together during Maytime 3. Cenaculo – passion and death of Christ
a. Cantada – chanted like pasion
b. Hablada – rhythmic measure of words in a deliberate manner * Spanish Period
4. Panunuluyan – Mary & Joseph searching for refuge before Christ’s birth
- presented before 12mn on Christmas eve
5. Salubong – during easter (Mary meets risen Christ)
6. Carillo (shadow play) – form of entertainment performed during a moonless night or a dark night after a harvest 7. Zarzuela – 1st Philippine drama. Musical comedy or melodrama. Has 3 acts of man’s passion & emotion (love, hate, revenge, cruelty, avarice or social/political problems) 8. Sainete – short musical comedy (18th century)

- exaggerated comedies performed by characters from lower class family (indio)
- theme: taken from everyday life scenarios
* American Period
1. Severino Reyes – father of Tagalog drama
- Walang Sugat
2. Aurelio Tolentino – a Kapampangan dramatist
* Luhang Tagalog = masterpiece
* Kahapon, Ngayon, at Bukas = resulted to his incarceration 3. Hermogenes Ilagan – from Central Luzon
- he founded the group Campaña Ilagan
*Severino Reyes and Hermogenes Ilagan started the movement against the moro-moro (play against muslims) * Japanese Period
* Characterized by stage shows because movie houses were closed *organization of Filipino players (Dramatic Filipinos)
1. Jose Ma. Hernandez – Panday Pira
2. Francisco Soc Rodrigo – Sa Pula sa Puti
3. Clodualdo del Mundo – Bulaga
4. Julian Cruz Balmaceda
* Sino ba Kayo?
* Dahil sa Anak
* Higante ng Patay
* Period of New Society (Modern)
- reviving old plays/dramas
1977 – Tales of Manuvu (new style of rock of the ballad opera)
- Performed by Celeste Legaspi, Lea Navarro, Hadji Alejandro, Boy...

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