History Notes Cold War's End

Topics: Cold War, Mikhail Gorbachev, Soviet Union Pages: 3 (503 words) Published: December 2, 2012
What explains the cold war’s ending?
When, how, and why did the cold war end?
What happened to the Soviet Union?

Ronald Reagan is not the reason the cold war ended one way or the other.

Contributing Influences:
Soviet Collapse
Anticommunist Resurgence
Ronald Reagan a big influence
Mikhail Gorbachev & Ronald Reagan
Gorbachev’s pol. Stance & friendship with Reagan

Soviet Collapse;
Soviet was involved in Cuba, Africa and Europe
Over-extended their ability to project power in foreign affairs Maintained this position through fear& intimidation
By 1980’s they were falling back
In 1970 China became an US ally against the soviets
Soviet economy & moral in short supply
Had promised to create this Utopia but what happened was an over centralized, inhuman nightmare. Impoverished, police state. Un-technological
* Anticommunist Resurgence:
World wide resurgence starting in the late 1970’s
Pope John Paul the 2
First Polish pope
Very strong anticommunist
Vastly greater than just Ronald Reagan
Nationalist, democratic, human rights movements
Countries occupied by Soviets wanted freedom
Overwhelming Islamic response to Soviet invasion of Afghan.
Biggest critics of US on soviet relations – China
China and Egypt major suppliers of Afghan against Soviets
Reagan Admin. Committed to Anticommunism

Mikhail Gorbachev;
Young man for President, 50’s
Very traveled, and educated, suave, charming.
Believed in communist system but also realistic
Not afraid to change from old system
Thought one problem was the huge military spending
Wanted to end the Cold War
Gorbachev transcended the Cold War
Egypt embraced neo-liberal economics
Major Soviet client
Wanted to humanize communism
Didn’t have this fear of Germany
First Soviet leadership to get over WW2
Changed the discourse & diatribes
Just talked instead of anger
1988-1989 withdrew soviet from Afghan.
Everything was decided by a...
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