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  • Published : December 10, 2012
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*Dawes Act- was passed in 1887 and divided land for Indians to be conformed into the American society, named after its sponser Henry Dawes. *Booker T. Washington- Was an adviser to presidents. Created Tuskegee Institute for Vocational Training. *Jim Crow Law- Black segregation laws, allowed seperate but egual. *Plessy v. Furgeson- Landmark Supreme Court decision which ruled that as long as it is equal, it can be seperate. (Plessy bought train ticket and sat in white section..) *Dr. WEB Dubois- Born in Massachutes and was the first black person to recieve a PhD from Harvard University. Knights of Labor- was established in 1869 by Terence Powerey, and promoted social and cultural up lift and 8 hour work days, and also rejected socialism and radicalism. Sam Gompers- was a cigar maker who became a labor union founder-- AFL, and also served as president of AFL which promoted harmony, shorter hours, and higher wages. Eugene Debs- founded the American Railway Union, Internation labor federation, and Industial workers of the world, but he was imprisoned for speaking out against WW1, and ran for president 5 times. AT Mahan- Most improved strategest of the 19th century. "Sea Power" concept, US navy docterine. Reform Darwinision- A social evolution to adopt change which promoted breeding of high class people. Herbert Spencer- Wrote about evolution like Darwin with Survival of the Fitest. John Fiske- graduated and taught at Harvard, was racist.

Roosevelt Corallary- Told other countries to leave central America alone. Sherman Anti-Trust Act- prohibited certain business activities and limited cartels and monopolies. Pendleton Act- regulated government jobs. Had to go through the CSC to get hired/fired. *Panama Canal- opened in 1914.

Manifest Destiny- was the thought of a God given right to expand to the West. William Jennings Bryan- served as a candidate for president 3 times. Was a liberal democrat and pacifest towards the world war. Also oposed Darwinision. Granger Laws- Laws passed in the Southern states to regulate grain and railroad rates. Helped out farmers. Big Bill Haywood/was a founding memeber and leader of industrial workers of the world (IWW) and a William Dudley Haywood-member of social party of america. He was involved in Colorado Labor Wars, Larwence textile strike, and others in Massachustes and New Jersey. He was an advocate of Industrial Unionism and favored direct action. American Protective- Remove immigrants. Association (APA) Mucrackers- were progressive journalists who pointed out problems in jobs. *Zimmerman Telegram- promised Mexico California and Texas back if they attacked the US and was intercepted by Britian and caused the United States into WW1. *Food Administration- promoted eating less and producing more. War Industries Board- Coordination of national economy.

Schenck vs. US (1919)- Supreme Court said that Schenck could not speak about war. 14 Points- Woodrow Wilson's plan for world peace which was mostly directed at Europeans. Red Scare- Russian Communists made mail bombs, and strikes after WW1. Eugenics- a progressive plan to scientifical control the population and sterialize woman, Wilson supported this. Committee on Public - was psychologist and sellers of WW1. Information Ku Klux Klan- New clan in the 20's that formed in response to black communities and other issues. Herburt Hoover- was a mining engineer, the food administration leader, and commerce secretary who published a book. Henry Ford- was a production rockstar who produced better quality and quantity cars. Pancho Villa- killed many mexican...
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