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Topics: Wall Street Crash of 1929, Mexican Revolution, Emiliano Zapata Pages: 9 (2816 words) Published: April 8, 2013
14. Analyze the causes of the Great Depression in one country in the Americas I. Thesis: In the United States during the 1920’s the economy for the most part was alive and well, which gave it the name “The Roaring Twenties”, but it would not last forever. There were many different factors that led to the Great Depression in America but the main factor that caused it all was the Stock Market Crash in October of 1929. From this one event banks failed and people lost jobs. II. Stock Market Crash:

A. Brokers were allowing people to buy stock on a 10% margin which meant that someone could buy $100 of stock and actually be getting $1,000 of stock. B. This allowed the middle class citizens to play the market and have them the chance to make a good deal of money. C. When the market crashed though it wasn’t just a few people losing money, it was a whole class of people, a good portion of whom had put most of their money into it, were left penniless. III. Failing Banks:

A. As a result of many losing close to everything in the Stock Market Crash people were rushing to get the money they still had out of the banks. The problem was that the banks didn’t have the money because the money put into the banks was like a pool of money and whoever cashed out first got the money but if you were too late then you couldn’t get any money. B. Therefore, the people had nothing to support them and eventually job losses occurred because businesses and industries were going through the same thing as the individuals and couldn’t pay their workers. IV. Job Lose:

A. From the failing banks people were losing their jobs
B. The situation just kept getting worse because there was no money circulating through the economy. C. This ended up destroying the economy and causing the Great Depression. #14) analyzes the causes of the Great Depression in one country in the Americas. Introduction

A) Thesis: The Great Depression was caused by a number of factors, most important being the build of economic tension throughout the twenties that became clear in the stock market crash of 1929. 2) Stock market Crash of 1929

A) October 24, 1929
3) Farmers in the 1920’s
A) WWI had a high demand for farmers who began to increase production (therefore invested money). Once the war ended the demand drastically dropped, causing farmers to become in debt and have little to support themselves with for the whole of the booming twenties. 4) Building economic tensions

A) Superficial economic success
i) Booming twenties- rapid overspending that caused a drastic dip in economic investment before and after October 1929. B) Living on credit
i) “Buy now, pay later”
C) Uneven distribution of income
14. Analyse the causes of the Great Depression in one country in the Americas. I. Introduction
The great depression in the United States was caused by several different factors, but the main event cited in common knowledge and by historians is the crash of the stock market in October of 1929. This along with bad brokering and spending processes led to widespread poverty which caused a chain reaction. It led to banks closing and to massive unemployment. Another theory is that the massive economic boom in the 1920s caused a natural recession, but because the boom was so big, the bust was big too. II. The Stock Market Crash

A. The Stock Market Crashed on October 29, 1929. It is often referred to as Black Tuesday. 1. This caused people to lose all of their investments, going from wealthy on paper to poverty stricken. B. Caused banks to close because people wanted to get their money out. 1. Many people lost money even though they didn’t have anything to do with the stock market because of the closing of the banks. C. Also caused corporations to lose a lot of money which made them lay off workers. 1. This greatly raised unemployment.

III. Poor brokering practices
A. Borrowing on credit
1. People would pay for more stocks than they had money for with the money they planned on earning...
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