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Topics: Wyoming, Johnson County War, Great Depression Pages: 14 (3724 words) Published: May 10, 2013
Review Questions for Wyoming History Final Exam, December 6, 2011, 10:15 a.m. The exam will consist of three parts:  
PART I: Short Identifications (50 points total)
You will asked to select FIVE names/terms from a list of eight or nine choices. You will write a paragraph identifying the name/term and provide additional information about the significance of the name/term to Wyoming history. Some possible terms are listed under questions in Part III (below).  

PART II: Two Book Questions (25 points total)
One question on each of the two books--
            Davis, John W. Wyoming Range War: The Infamous Invasion of Johnson County.             Western, Sam. Pushed Off the Mountain, Sold Down the River: Wyoming’s Search for Its Soul.             (There will be NO option here. You will answer a question on EACH book).  

Such questions might include the following:
    DAVIS BOOK: What was the Johnson County War/Invasion?  What were the primary causes?  According to your professor and Mr. Davis (guest lecturer in our class and author of the book we read on the Johnson County War), what was the significance of the incident to Wyoming history? : "The Johnson County War was a classic dispute between big landowners and small operators."  How valid is this statement?  Comment, making reference to specific facts from your reading in the John W. Davis book.     WESTERN BOOK: Samuel Western comments on Wyoming mythology and asserts that it strips Wyoming of "life-giving vigor" to continue to believe in these myths."  What are these myths and, in Western's view, how do they impede Wyoming's ability to influence its own future? Name at least one (1) specific example/event from the book that pertains to this overall myth.  

PART III: Essay Question. (75 points total)
            Essay question (you may choose one of three or four questions to answer). WATER AND RECLAMATION
    1.  Average precipitation statewide (including snowfall) is about 14 1/2 inches per year. Some areas enjoy greater rain/snowfall, while other places are little more than deserts. How has this scarcity of water influenced Wyoming history?  Identify at least two specific individuals who influenced water policy.  Elwood Meade

How is the Wyoming system of water allocation distinguishable from earlier methods of water distribution? All water in Wyoming belongs to wyoming except for water allocated to indians under treaties, water claimed by downstream states, and water claimed by federal agencies for federal facilities pre-dating statehood           

    2.   Describe how the federal government attempted to provide incentives for irrigation in the American West.  (Desert Land Act, Carey Act, Newlands Reclamation Act).  a). How did the state of Wyoming try to promote agriculture in the early years of statehood?  (Dr. Elwood Mead as state engineer and his water theories, Dr. V. T. Cooke and dry farming experiments, “Carey Act” projects, private ventures such as Buffalo Bill’s company near Cody and Joseph M. Carey’s Wheatland project) Dr Elwood Mead's water theory" Rain follows the tracks, rain follows the plow, rain follows the trees. Dr.V.T.Cook and dry farming

Carey act projects irrigation projects, allowed private companies to make a profit from selling water that they irrigated. b). Identify at least two significant dam-building projects in Wyoming that were developed by the Bureau of Reclamation.  What groups benefitted from these projects?  

         prior appropriation doctrine                riparian doctrine                                  Dr. Elwood Mead            Carey Act                                              Newlands Reclamation Act                Colorado River Compact             Shoshone Irrigation District                U. S. Bureau of Reclamation     HISTORY OF WYOMING OIL

      3.  Describe the origins of Wyoming's oil industry and identify the main figures involved in its development.                  a. Casper...
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