History Chapter 3

Topics: Nazi Germany, Nazi Party, Nazism Pages: 3 (935 words) Published: February 2, 2013
The lives of the workers living under Hitler’s rule have worsened. Before Hitler took control, many of the workers went on a revolt against years of unemployment, boredom of walking on the streets and a meager unemployment benefit. After Hitler took control, he spent a larger sum of money to reduce unemployment rate and this made the employment rate increase. They were given a fixed amount of income and the working conditions were poor. They lived in camps and had to wear military uniform. They were given pocket money as wages when they have to work for longer hours. Also, ever since the government implemented the “law on the ordering of national labour” was introduced, the bosses were designated as leaders and the workers were designated as “followers”. They were under strict control and they do not have freedom. They also do not have the rights to go on strikes as labour unions were abolished and they had to join the German Labour Front (DAF), a government created union. This deprived them of their freedom as if any of them complained about any issues, they would be arrested and sent to concentration camps. They were not allowed to leave a job without the government’s permission. Therefore, their lives worsened as they were deprived of the freedom and rights. They also had to work for longer hours. The women workers also lead a tough life as professional female workers were forced to give up their jobs and stay at home. Hence, there were more jobs for men as women were forced to quit their jobs and their lives have worsen as they did not have the rights to choose if they could work. The Jews had also had a difficult life as they had been removed from their jobs because the Germans looked down upon them and did not want to work with them. They believed that the Aryans were the superior race while the non-Aryans were the inferior. Therefore, the inferior races should be the slaves of the superior races. This resulted in increase number in employment rate as the...
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