Topics: Human, Africa, Human evolution Pages: 3 (687 words) Published: December 3, 2012
Chapter 1- The African Origins Of Humanity

1) Major Events-
Toumai skull was discovered in 2001 it was about 6-7 million years old . Toumai is very important because it shows the split when apes where genetically splitting from humans. Which introduces the Hominins. The Hominins are individuals that are not apes but didn’t reach the necessary skills to be considered a human either. The very first hominin that moved away from Africa to change and accommodate his new living in different parts of Eurasia was the Homo erectus. The Homo erectus then opened the new doors for the human species to grow and flourish in different parts of the world.

A) Who were the Neanderthals? Compare and contrast them with H.sapiens.
The Neanderthals was another human species besides the H.sapiens. They were more heavily boned and smaller than the sapiens. They both buried their dead, and had similar stone and bone toolkits. Unlike the H.sapiens the Neanderthals did not leave any Artifacts of carvings or symbolic pictures behind. Studies believed that Neanderthals were able to talk in a undeveloped manner but didn’t yet have the throat structure of the H.sapiens.

How did humans express their experience of sharing their life force with animals? How do we know this experience was important to them? Humans shared their experience of sharing life with animals by their carvings and paintings and the artifacts that they left behind. They had a great appreciation for animals because they relied on them for companionship, food, clothing and tools.

What made it possible for Homo sapiens to survive in a dangerous environment? Why is it difficult to imagine life as a prehistoric forager? I think what made it possible for Homo sapiens to survive was their adaptation skills, clan members and the tools they had. Also the help of the animals that surrounded them guiding them to water and different foods. I think it’s difficult to picture life as prehistoric forager because...
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